Top 14 Social Networking Sites to Find a Date

If joining adult dating websites and personals ads is not your thing, then you can use social networking sites to find dates and hookups. Here is our list of top 14 social networking sites to find a date. These includes popular social networking and dating websites that offers 100% free membership for anyone who wants to join.


Although Facebook is not designed for dating purposes its massive number of active members can provide limitless possibilities to meet and date a lot of women. The site allows you to connect with your friends and to friends of their friends. It also let you connect and make new friends with common interest or groups. Try to read our article on how to chat to a girl you like on Facebook to get more tips on how to attract women from this site.


Before Facebook, Friendster was already a growing social network. Recently it changes its platform from a pure online social networking website into a social gaming site. Basically the site is intended for people who have inclination into online gaming. It offers a lot of free browser based games which can be played with friends.

It has also kept it social or making friends feature where members can get in touch with each other. We have added Friendster into our top social networking site to find a date list because it still got a huge number of active members around the world and it’s still growing. That means that there are a lot of girls here to date. If you like to playing online games it will be easier to socialize with girls here. Sharing common interest with a girl is already a bonus when trying to attract her.


Badoo is one of our favorite social dating sites, in fact we have dedicated a whole post reviewing this website. has interesting design because it’s able to combine features of a social networking site and a dating website. This is also called as a social discovery website, like, and  If you need a place to connect with your friends as well as to pick up girls then this is the place for you.

It’s free to join Badoo but you may elect to pay for an upgrade to use advance features of the website. Just one look and you know that Badoo has a lot to offer. It has a simple design, easy to navigate, and has a growing number of new members every day. One of the exciting things about this website is its adaptation of’s rating system. Everyone can rate other members as someone they like to meet, maybe and never.

Hi5 invites everyone to rediscover your friends. Although the website is less popular in Central America, it has a larger popularity in Latin America, Jamaica, Eastern Europe countries, some Asian countries, and Australia. A few years after the site was lunched, it gained a lot of members gaining a place on top 3 websites with most number of unique visitors every month.

Hi5 has been redesigned in 2009 in an attempt to compete with other big social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Now it has all the basic features that a social networking website should have, members can share photos, it also has messaging capabilities and exciting games. It’s easy to join Hi5, you can even log-in using your Facebook account.


Next to Facebook is Twitter. It’s second in rank when it comes to Alexa rankings and in terms of number of active users. Twitter offers a unique way to get connected with friends and possible dates. Twitter for some is a micro blogging platform. It allows users to share thoughts, ideas, pictures, or posts at 140 at a time popularly called tweets. Since it allows ways for users to get in touch with each other, we can also categorize it a social networking site.

Twitter was used by celebrities and companies to post updates and let people follow them. Now it seemed that everyone is on Twitter. You can easily follow a hot chic on twitter and get updated on her every tweet. You may also send direct messages to let her know you’re interested with her. You can create a profile, and make it attractive to ladies, let them follow you and choose whom you want to date from your avid followers!


NetLog is another social networking website that is popular in Europe. It offers a way for members to create profiles, build their own network of friends and keep on extending it. Users can also publish their own music playlist, create a blog posts, and join thousands of groups or better yet start their own. NetLog offers a lot of ways for users to customize their profile including a wide selection of background skins.

What is unique about NetLog is the use of localization feature.When it comes to online dating, you have higher chances of finding a date and meeting people if you have a list of active members in your area. NetLog offers this functionality plus it also claims to be available in 40 languages. Right now the website says that it already has more than 95 million users worldwide. NetLog has partnered online dating website This is pretty new, but it’s loaded with NetLog users and its gaining popularity as a dating website in United Kingdom.


MySpace is designed for people who want to build a network of friends who share the same passion in music and entertainment. Led by one of its pop star owner Justin Timberlake himself. MySpace will allow users to fully customize their profile, create media or music playlists, and share the latest on entertainment industry.

If you’re a former user of Imeem you will noticed that the same functionality can be found at MySpace. For someone who likes music MySpace is the best place to find and connect people with the same interest. It’s easier to attract a woman if you have something in common.


FriendFinder is a member of AdultFriendFinder network. If you’re familiar with AFF, FriendFinder is a softer version of this adult dating website. It offers free membership, audio and video chat, photo sharing and other features common to AFF. It’s a place for personals ads for finding friends, love and having fun.

The website has a huge number of members across the globe. It’s available on different languages too. There are localized versions of the site but their members’ database is shared internationally. It also offers local search where you can easily find singles looking for fun at your area.



Bebo is another active social networking website. It has features much like Facebook and the rest that is on this list. It allows users to quickly create their own profiles and fully customize it. It also has video and photo sharing. Users can also use rating functionality like hot or not. Games and Apps are also available onboard to keep users entertained. You can also join interest focused groups with active with member’s interactions or create a new one.

They have new 100% free dating feature called Bebo Online Dating which is powered by Fast Cupid. It offers free membership but has small number of users since it’s pretty new.


Owned by search engine giant Google Inc., Google + (Google Plus) or G+ for short claims to be a multilingual social networking website. Aside from being a social networking platform it also works as an online identity service provider. Google Plus offers a lot of functional features that makes it a bit different from Facebook. Friends are called Circles, people can create Hangouts, where they can join group video chats, file or desktop sharing and many more. It also has a chat messenger that you can use when you’re on Google Plus, Gmail, or you can download it to your desktop. Once a person created a Gmail account a G+ account is also created.


Orkut is another social networking website that is owned by Google Inc. Once you have a G+ account you already have one at Orkut. It carries the basic features of Google Plus, like messaging, chat, and custom profiles. Here members can view other profiles unless they have been blocked or ignored by the user. This website is less popular in US but has a large number of users from Brazil and India.

Meetup is all about people with the same interest meeting offline. People can easily find and join meet up groups that they might find interesting. Meet up groups are categorize into interest, and places or regions. Typically a member would join a meet up group that is set to meet at their local area. Here you can easily find and meet people that you have common interest. From there on it’s easy to build connection with them and turn that friendly encounter into a romantic one.

Tagged as the site claims is a social network for meeting new people. It’s also a social discovery website like and Tagged offers a quick and easy way to sign up, you can choose to join by using logging in using your Facebook account or use your email address instead. If you want to extend your network of friends, you can find new people from It’s a fun way to find interesting people and build connection or even a romantic relationship with someone you like. Tagged let users play browser based games, use chat and join or create interest focus groups.


LinkedIn is a social networking website mainly used for professional networking. The site claims to have over 150 million professionals using the website to exchange information, ideas and look for brighter opportunities on their field. If you’re trying to date your hot co-office worker you have better chance of connecting with her through LinkedIn. If you have been professionally acquainted posting an endorsement on her profile is a great way to get her attention.

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