Top 15 Profile Tips (With Examples)


5 Basic Tips for a Killer Profile
Fill in the blanks
Don’t leave anything blank on your profile. This shows that you put effort into it, and may give you a boost with dating algorithms as well.

Short and sweet?
There is a sweet spot when it comes to how much information to put into your profile.

You want to say something about yourself, but you want to maintain some mystery as well.

Give details about yourself. When listing your personality traits, include why, what, or how.

Examples (average profile):

I’m honest.
I’m a good guy.
Example (killer profile):

I’m a very honest person, because I believe that lying is just a waste of time and effort
I enjoy giving back to my community, so I volunteer at my local animal shelter.
Power of Positivity
Keep your profile positive. This doesn’t mean just refraining from bashing your ex (or dating).

Say what you do want, and don’t mention what you don’t want.

Phrases to avoid:

I hate it when
I am not looking for
If you are … don’t contact me
My pet peeve is
I get angry when
Phrases to use:

I love it when
I am looking for
I’m passionate about
My favorite thing is
My dream is
A picture is worth a 1,000 words!
Your photos are the first thing anyone is going to notice about you, so it’s important that they represent who you are. You’ll also want them to show you in the best possible light.

Your main profile photo should be a head shot of you (not a selfie). Take several photos in different lighting conditions and have a friend help you choose which is the most flattering.

You can also experiment with photo filters, but don’t go overboard. Subtle filters or black and white work well.

In addition, you’ll want:

One full body shot
One action shot
One shot with a pet, friends, or family member
Must have: Conversation starters
Be sure that you include conversation starters in your profile. It’s easy to do this with your hobbies.


My favorite movie is..
I love doing..
I really enjoy..
These make it easy to start a conversation. So, I noticed in your profile that you like Batman. I love that movie too.

Another great way is to mention things that set you apart and make you really interesting.

Have you climbed Mt. Everest? Went sky diving? Met someone famous? Adding something memorable or notable will make your profile stand out and encourage people to send you a message to ask you about your experience.

5 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd

All about the keywords!
Using keywords in your profile can increase your response rate by as much as 96%.

They are an easy way to catch the eye of interested singles, and can make the difference between a girl responding to you or not.

The top 5 keywords to use in your dating profile are:

Physically fit
Creative username and headlines
Your username and headline are often your first impression, so make it count.

Username and Headline Tips

Don’t use numbers in your username
Be unique
Use it to showcase something you enjoy
Make them match when possible
Be memorable
Matching usernames and headlines are fun and creative, and a great way to show one of your interests.


Username: Jon Snow

Headline: I know nothing, but I’m king in the north.. I think

Username: Snowlover


Show me a snow covered mountain, and I’ll show you a good time!

Have an opinion.. and share it
Don’t be afraid to be a little controversial, especially when the subject matter is light.

Do you love or hate a specific character that most people don’t? Are you a huge fan of an obscure sport? Do you have a favorite author that others might not expect?

Are you a huge Harry Potter fan? Do you love the original Star Wars but hate the sequels?

Being opinionated about trivial things shows that you are strong enough to have an opinion that others might not agree with, and creates a little tension if she doesn’t agree with you.

Remember, tension is part of attraction.

Link your Instagram or Spotify
Linking your Instagram or Spotify account can help give people a feel for who you are without trying to explain it in words.

It can make others feel like they know you, and it can show them that you have something in common.

Just be sure that what you are showing is flattering. If you post lots of selfies of yourself with bedhead on your Instagram, you probably shouldn’t link it.

Spotify is generally a safe option. Unless you have a secret Justin Bieber collection, link away!

Show your passion
People, particularly women, love passion. They want to feel something when they read your profile.

That’s why talking about something you are passionate about is important. When you speak about something you love, your passion comes through.

Others will feel the feelings it evokes in you to some extent. This makes a great impression, and it’s memorable. People remember how you make them feel.

5 Profile Styles
Over the top
The over the top profile is tongue in cheek. You’ll make up pretentious things that you have never done, and at the end you give a more realistic view of your life.


I’m a rocket scientist. I’ve been on the cover of GQ (twice). Right now I’m yachting across the Caribbean stealing International secrets.

Ok, so I exaggerated a bit. I like Pina Colada’s and aced (by ace i mean passed) high school chemistry. If you would like to know more about secret spy gear or what I do for my “day job”, send me a message.

Ideal first date
With this profile, you describe your ideal first date. This is a great way to be corny or romantic and still seem cool and confident.


I pick you up in a horse drawn carriage. Your wearing a stunning ball gown, and I can’t take my eyes off you. You lose a glass slipper, but we are too busy staring at each other to notice.

Or, we could have coffee. I’m good with either option.

Two truths and a lie
The two truths and a lie profile is just like it sounds. You write two truths and one lie. Typically, which is the lie should be obvious.


I make an awesome lasagna.

I built a time machine and got stuck in 2019.

I love the Lakers.

My favorite things
The favorite things profile is all about your favorite things. Simply list 5 of them to give others a peek into who you are without having to say a lot.

It also works best to have a little humor in your choices, a humorous conclusion, or both.


Favorite Quote: Insanity is like Gravity. All you need is a little push.

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite Book: Pet Semetery

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings

Favorite food: Pizza, and well, more pizza

If your favorites match mine then message me. We can chat about how people who love blue are better than everyone else!

I couldn’t live without..
This profile allows you to tell people what you couldn’t live without, and why.

It can be funny, sentimental, serious, or a mix of all 3. Choose 3-5 things that you can’t live without.


I couldn’t live without..

Good music: It makes everything better

Good friends: They keep life interesting

Netflix: What else is there to do on Friday night?

Steak: Because.. steak..

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