Top 5 Tips For Hooking Up for Sex


Sometimes sex is just sex – no emotions no jealousy just crazy nights of fun without attachment.

Still, there is always that unfair negativity attached to this act, which is not necessary. Remember that every sexual encounter does not have to be associated with deep loving connection, but sometimes just be about having no-strings-attached fun. To achieve success in hook-ups, you should be respectful. This means if you want to be naughty, be a naughty gentleman.

Here are some tips you can pick up:

Stop associating the sleazy with the effective.

According to executive dating and relationship coach Todd Valentine, there is a stereotype that creepy and sleazy guys get the girls, but actually, there approach simply would not work. Trust will be an important component when it comes to hooking up, not only from the date but even from her friends. So, do not just walk up to a girl and spout pickup lines. You have to be real and be yourself.

As Vague As It Sounds: Be yourself, only different.

What the masters of casual sex have taught us, we have to be ourselves, but only different. So, do not lie to your partner, but you can appear more mysterious, uninhibited and spontaneous than usual. Also, it is just okay for you to adopt some kind of character, like a heightened or romanticized version of yourself. Think of it like role-playing, which, actually, many people really like.

Maintain your cool.

Remember that your date will be evaluating your potential by the time you meet, and the eager beaver can make the dam collapse. Avoid putting to much emphasis on sex in your conversations, as they can take you out in a matter of just a single statement. Also, you have to be comfortable as she would feel the same with you. As dating experts say, “If someone makes a dirty joke or a witty ‘That’s what she/he said’ pops up, don’t be afraid to laugh about it and use that to break the ice. Remember to maintain balance and don’t overdo it.”

Opt out of that last drink.

Yes, drunk sex might sound fun in theory, but it is actually a messy and sloppy disaster. Of course, the last few shots would seem like a great idea to make you super loose and over-confident, but it will hit you where it really hurts—in your genitals! It will lead you to make moves that will ruin your date and, of course, keep you from getting laid. According to sexologist and host of “Sex with Emily”, Dr. Emily Morse, “Whiskey dick is real, ladies and gents! And even if the equipment is working, there’s no guarantee that you will be able to hit the right spots, keep the rhythm or ward off the spins when you switch from doggie style to cowgirl position.”

Remember that this is not about love

Put in mind that happiness and pleasure that you will be feeling is a chemical response. Most probably, you are not special to the girl you are having sex with, and she is not special to you. In a hook up, the two of you should not have some significant personal connection. “Happily ever after” is certainly out of the question, and it will simply be about sex—a purely physical release for a moment in time.

With these tips, you can properly handle every flavor of casual sex, be it unemotional, uncommitted or purely carnal.

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