Top #7 Free Online Dating Sites Exposed


Free dating sites have exploded in the last 5 years with sites such as plenty of fish rivalling big paid companies for traffic and attention.
Which paid dating site you choose comes down to your
Relationship motivation and intent
Not all paid sites are made equal and the same can be said for free dating sites. If you’re really serious about finding someone special then I would suggest choosing a paid site. However free sites can get the job done if you know what you want and are prepared to spend a bit of time emailing and waiting for the right person.
Sites like eHarmony are leagues ahead of any free site such as datehookup when you compare professionalism single quality and features but it really comes down to user preference. Perhaps you are happy to get down and dirty and don’t mind the odd spammy or sexually related email. With the obvious benefits of free dating comes the negatives of the free market.
Just be aware that even paid sites are not perfect but free sites certainly have their downfalls.
There will always be need for paid sites because money is such a great filtering feature. Singles are prepared to pay to find love and always will be. Paid sites will be able to host more features and simply a better user experience than free sites but you will see the gap between free and paid close over time.

Free Dating Site #1 OkCupid

The google of free online dating –ok cupid uses mathematics and statistics to match users based on a number of different parameters. Your user behaviour and profile gets monitored by the okcupid spider and you are served up matches as a result. You are able to email anyone on the site even if okcupid indicates that you are sworn enemies!
Okcupid’s interface and features rivals paid sites. You are able to submit questions and tests to the site in which other singles can answer. The majority of the site is free but you are able to upgrade your account to A LIST and get additional filter features and matching criteria.
Ok cupid is one of those dating sites that could very easily be a paid site. When you arrive at sites like plentyoffish you just know that it’s free because of how it looks.
Okcupid exudes a professional and well put together look. Singles on okcupid are diverse but one could argue that they have a large following from areas around new York and boston. This site has a lot of quirky features and odd tests you can do that will help you to describe yourself better to other singles.

Free Dating Site #2 Casual Kiss

This site has a new look and it has taken on a facebook like style. There are occasionally a few login and photo upload problems but apart from that casual kiss offers a great free dating service. Every dating site seems to attract it’s fair share of seedy 40+ men looking to date young girls but casual kiss is only slightly affected. Most of the singles on casual kiss are around 20-30.
Like okcupid, casual kiss is well put together with cool social networking applications. Casual kiss attracts many international singles but there is a large following in the US too.
You are able to join groups and write blogs with ease using the well put together two column layout. Not to many people know about casual kiss but it defiantly earns it’s place in the list of best free dating sites online.

Free Dating Site #3 Plenty Of Fish

The single biggest reason why plenty of fish is so good is because everybody knows about it.POF entered the free dating site niche first and so has grown so large that competitors scrambling to get in on the act have not been able to grow fast enough to keep up.
The sheer number of singles in every area of the world makes plenty of fish on of your best choices for free online dating sites. It’s certainly not the ease of use or layout that makes POF a great dating site. It’s the number of users. Even though there are a ton of filthy singles on POF there is still a good chance that you will be able to find someone that suits you.
You basically sign up and start searching in your area. The singles that use POF seem to love the WHOS SEEN ME button as it’s a good indicator that they will reply to you if you email them. Few matching and testing features and a rough graphical interface confuses many marketers as to how POF has become so successful.
It has simply reached critical mass and it’s market share is so big now that it matters little that looks a bit silly. All singles care about is finding someone else and POF obviously does that very well.

Free Dating Site #4 Woo Me

The BEST free web cam chats online. — Meet people LIVE! — Video chat with webcams in live video chat rooms online — (100% Free, No Gimmicks!!)
Woo me is basically a speed dating site: You get matched to a single close by and chat to them via webcam and microphone right from your computer. For those not afraid to show their face to strangers woo me is a great option. It’s super fast to signup and meet singles face to face. If you don’t like what you see you can just move onto the next single in the que.
It could be a pretty brutal experience if you are not attractive. The site has a lot of younger singles because of the social interaction and video chat nature of the process. If your not afraid of a few rejections and like chatting face to face with singles near you then woo me is a great choice.

Free Dating Site #5 Connecting Singles

Great forums
Large US following
Not as popular as okcupid and plenty of fish but connecting singles offers free chat and all of the usual features. Another simple dating site that may have some fake profiles and low quality punters trying to get lucky.

Free Dating Site#6 Book Of Matches

Book of matches comes in at 6 and provides a few social networking features and tagging options.
Live chat
Simplistic dating site
Visually driven

Free Dating Site #7 Date Hookup

If you want to try another dating site for any reason there are others available. Date hookup is one of those sites that’s not to fancy but provides a useful service. Watch out for fake profiles on this site. These types of free dating sites are more for casual encounters than marriage proposals. Head over to eHarmony if your online to find marriage. Otherwise recognise what niche category of singles free dating sites like datehookup are catering to and decide if it’s for you.

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  1. woome is not really free at all but i guess you are allowed to chat with random people. The try an sell you on a bunch of stuff while doing it though.
    The bottom three sites listed are average from experience.

  2. woome is not really free at all but i guess you are allowed to chat with random people. The try an sell you on a bunch of stuff while doing it though.
    The bottom three sites listed are average from experience.

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