Top Ten Dating Tips – Flirting With A Girl

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Top Ten Dating Tips – Flirting With A Girl
Flirting is something that a lot of men find tough to learn and do on a date when they think about it consciously. The problem is the best flirting behaviour on a date comes when there is a natural connection between the two daters. If your mind is focused on trying to flirt it won’t be on more important things like looking your date in the eye and talking to her.

Top Ten Dating Tip 1. Relax

Flirting should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Relax and don’t take flirting to seriously. It’s not about winning or losing it’s just about having laugh and if your lucky heighten the sexual tension.

Top Ten Dating Tip 2. Smile

This will help you enjoy the flirting nature of the occasion and help your date to relax too. It goes back to relaxing and having fun. Smiling is contagious

Top Ten Dating Tip 3. Eye Contact

One thing to be weary of is not to stare, especially not at her body. But look lovingly into her eyes and show with your eyes that you are interested in what she is saying. Look up from what you are doing and pay attention – eye contact is crucial when you are trying to establish connection. Many people feel that it is unnatural to look people in the eye for long periods of time. It may take time but it’s well worth it.

Top Ten Dating Tip 4. Authentic Compliments

There is a real art to a well placed compliment. Women love to hear that their efforts into physical appearance are paying off. But DO NOT lay it on too thick. Women are also masters at spotting a fake. Everything compliment must be well intentioned and well timed. Dont rush it like you have been waiting all night to say it, simply add it to normal conversation.

Top Ten Dating Tip 5. Light Conversation

You may well be a master of deep and meaningful conversation and this may even impress your date but this will not help in the flirting process. Your date does not want to know about any conspiracies, deaths or long winded stories. Rather ask her about herself and lead the conversation towards her interests. Keep the conversation natural interesting and light.

Top Ten Dating Tip 6. Focus

Dont go texting someone else when you are on a date or even take an incoming call. Your date is your one and only focus for the night. Make sure you give them your undivided attention.

Top Ten Dating Tip 7. Body Language

An example of body language that is not open to flirting would be to lean back and cross your arms. If you sit like this the whole night, even if you are chatting and smiling it will be hard to initiate a connection. Lean forward and notice where the direction of your hips and shoulders are in relation to hers.

Top Ten Dating Tip 8. Mimicry

Mimicry creates a sense of harmony and oneness between you and your date. Mimic her body language and conversation style. Dont be too obvious in your attempts. This should not be in the forefront of your mind just be weary of it.

Top Ten Dating Tips 9. Expectations

Flirting may not spark any reaction from your date on the first or second encounter. Keep your flirting expectations low and give her time to get to know you. She may not in tune with her sexuality and flirting behaviour may not come natural to her. You can bring her out of her shell be being patient.

Top Ten Dating Tips 10. Be Yourself

Don’t take flirting or yourself to seriously. Take a deep breath and let your hair down for the night. By having no preconceived ideas about how the night should go allows for sexy spontaneity.

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