Trick Any Women Into Bed With Pandora’s Box System

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According to vin dicarlo’s site 3questionsgetthegirl you can get any women into bed with a knowledge of female psychology!
Vin ran hundreds of independent studies with amazing results:
So what is the Pandora’s box anyway? According to Greek myth the box held demons but it also held the secrets and hopes that one day there would be a paradise where men and women could enjoy each other.
This guy can apparently:

  1. Seduce women even if they have boyfriends
  2. Trigger gut level attraction from one dinner date
  3. Create threesomes out of mid air
  4. Understands a women more than she understands herself
  5. Is able to get women turned on via conversation alone even if it’s in a mall or book store

Seems like it’s to good to be true right?
I mean all this with a simple understanding of female psychology?
He goes on to suggest that dating miracles such as:

  • one night stands with 9’s and 10’s
  • 3somes
  • your crush finally approaching and suggesting sex to you
  • powerful spiritual and sexual connections
  • powerful eye contact like your the only ones in the room

Once you unlock Pandora’s box you will have the keys to unlock hers!
According to Vin there is a concept better than pheromones that women can “smell” on a guy from miles away.

The Compliment Secret!

This one is really great – according to research there is some sort of subconscious signal sent by “some guys” and not others when they compliment women. Apparently it’s all to do with the eyes, The look in your eyes is more important than what you say hint: try thinking a positive thought and then doing this.
Ever had your mind go completely blank in front of a gorgeous women? With the Pandora’s box system you will know exactly what they want to hear so this will never happen again.
Find out why women flirt and then seem disinterested leaving you completely confused and disheartened… after this coaching you will know exactly how to keep her in the flirting phase that leads to sex.
Spot bitch tests and unlock the touch chick curse – so many women have to present this bitchy persona to protect themselves from all the losers. Break through this barrier and reveal the soft persona underneath begging for approval and lust.
Women say no to sex for very specific reasons – find out what they are inside Pandora’s box to ensure you never get stood up after what you thought was a great night of connecting. You see this girl probably has a friends with benefits guy she see’s every now and then. You have to find out if your actually competing against a bunch of other dudes she already knows. There are many other reasons why girls will ditch you at the last second!
If you don’t understand the fragmented nature of female sexual escalation you could be coming on to strong or to consistent.

Need an analogy?

Right here’s a simple analogy of female sexual escalation compared to male escalation.

Women are like AC (alternating current) when it comes to escalating toward sex
Men are like DC (direct current) when it comes to escalating toward sex

We can VERY quickly go from first meeting straight to sex… skipping out huge chunks in the middle + never falling back or being turned off in the process. It’s a linear process for us and it happens very quickly.
For women it’s a lot different.
They require a fragmented and alternating seduction process which can be tough to understand if your unaware of it.
Women feel comfortable moving between phases of lust back to anxiety and then forward to flirting and then back to disgust and then jumping forward to keno escalation and then back to flirting with another guy and forward again to you…

Confusing right?

The Pandora’s box system attempts to explain this weird phenomena for you so that you not only understand this but can master it. This understanding will allow you to spot what’s going on so that your not discouraged by the natural process of fragmented sexual escalation.
Learn about the different types of female personality:
Tame a wild women, pick up a down in the dumps women and transform her and even cheat proof a sexually charged women…yes women do cheat (Ashley Madison, no strings attached)
A complete section on toe curling sex!

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