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To become a part of True Nudists, there’s a couple of questions that you must first answer. It will require that you be a rule nudist and over age the age of 18. It will then ask if you’re male, female or a couple who wants to be a part of the network. After which, you’ll just need to provide a username and email address. When you’re done supplying these information, your True Nudist account is created and you can start using the platform.

To log in, first, check your email for a message that contains your password.

Once logged in, you just need to provide information necessary to the creation of your profile. It will ask for your location, birthday, and a profile picture.


There is an option to become “certified” as a member. Doing so allows you to lock in your username and gender and serves as a badge telling other members that you are an actual, living, breathing person. To get certified, you’ll just need to either write up a couple of information in a piece of paper or print a document, take a picture of you holding the document and upload it to the site to earn that badge.

They have a native chat platform where people can publicly interact with making the website a true active community. There are a couple hundred of people active on the chatroom at any one moment. There is also an option to send private messages here.

The forum section features some of the most popular topics that the members talk about as well as frequently asked questions, and conduct and etiquette. Meanwhile, groups allow members with similar interests to interact. There is also a public gallery of photos and videos.

Meanwhile, to strengthen the community vibes, they have Locations, Events, and the blog. Locations provide a directory of nudist beaches, resorts, and communities for nudists,  Events provide a list of social events that are open for nudists to join, and the blog recaps what happens in the events, features articles written by members, and serves as the medium for announcements.


The subscription plans they offer vary based on the validity of the membership. Paid membership allows members full access to the site feed, member profiles, high-definition images in the photo gallery, the groups and the messages.

  • Best. Lifetime membership is for $129.94 USD. For new users, they are offering this plan at a discounted price of $99.99 USD.
  • Better. A 12-Month Membership is for $46.94 USD, and is being offered at a discounted rate for $41.94 USD.
  • Good. A 3-Month/1 Quarter Plan is priced at $19.94 USD.

They offer various payment methods. You may pay via credit card, cheque or cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency price is just based on the USD to bitcoin conversion


Definitely one of the more premium nudist online communities. It has a worldwide reach with lots of active members. It provides a safe environment with its verification system and a real sense of community.

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