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There really is a dating sites for every single these days which is great!
Pet loves
Every race possible
And now UGLY!

Ugly Dating

Yes there is an ugly dating site for ugly or “aesthetically” challenged.
The sad truth is that there are a TON of “ugly” people because all we see on television is the best of the best. There is no question that our perception of beauty and normality is warped. Thus many singles feel that they could in fact be ugly which may well mean that they are just below average?

What is Ugly?

I mean what is UGLY anyway?
Is it the lower 10 or 25 % or perhaps the bottom quartile of singles as rated by a panel of judges…?
Maybe ugliness is related to your genes!
Ugliness is the phonotypical representation of your genotype.
You can pick an attractive man or women and you can spot an unattractive man or women in seconds… how?
The ratio and proportion or their face
Brow distance
Eye distance
Mouth china and nose ratio
You get the picture… If you believe that you’re a little ugly and think ugly dating might be a good way to find love then you have a few options.


You can always just try plenty of fish
I mean the masses use plenty of fish and most of them will be well within your league. One of the big complaints from many daters is the “quality” and if you’re not so worried about looks then plentyoffish will be perfect for you.
The reality of online dating is that everybody is trying to punch above their weight! If you are secure enough within yourself to say “I’m ugly and it doesn’t bother me” then you really have a huge leg up over other daters.
If you have accepted your flaws and are now ready to show them to the world without regret and without hesitance you will be surprised at the reaction. You will have a stable and secure personality which is very attractive.
According to the UK dating site theuglybuggball half of UK daters aren’t pretty but most people think they are! If you have accepted your look you now have a ton of choice. There are tons of singles online that just don’t get emailed very much because of their looks.
They are trying to find love but attractiveness is important to most singles.
According to theuglybugball ugly people are usually much nicer while attractive people tend to be shallow and boring.
Ugly people have tough lives and go through teasing which only serves to make them more considerate and thoughtful of other people’s feelings. This can aid you in love and make relationships last because you can see your partners point of view with ease. Apparently (according to studies TUBB) ugly people also try harder in bed perhaps to make up for appearance.
If you date another “ugly” person you wont have to worry about them running off or cheating on you. Your partner wont be hit on by every other guy which means you can let yourself go once your together.

TheUglyBugBall has:

FREE Registration
FREE Search
FREE Photos
It’s much cheaper than other dating sites and your much more likely to find a date.
In the end, everyone is beautiful in their own way and your external appearance should not stop you from living in a loving caring relationship.

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