Ugly Guy With Hot Women Story

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Noticed an odd occurrence today…
I was out having dinner and I noticed what I originally thought was a couple opposite me. I never figured out their true relationship, they could have just been friends but from the social dynamics I am pretty sure that it was a first date or blind date of some sort.
The restaurant was reasonably high status and from the noise in the room I couldn’t make out what they were saying. What confused me the most was to see the real reality of a 2-3/10 guy with a 10/10 women… Literally.
I just couldn’t quite get my head around how he was pulling it off. The guy was obviously wealthy enough to afford the restaurant but apart from that he didn’t have much else going for him. I really should have rudely interrupted them and asked what the relationship status was.
From his posture and communication it looked like he was doing most of the talking. The thing that really struck me was how good the women looked. She was obviously younger than him and was infinitely more attractive. She was showing some classic signs of flirting back at him and seemed to be excited about the conversation.
Then I though again…
This sort of thing really shouldn’t amaze me all that much.
Women don’t place a huge value or priority on male looks, it’s money status power and communication that seals the deal in the end. It looked like the guy was using all the right moves and controlling the conversation. It’s just really funny to see it in real life, you don’t often see a drop dead gorgeous girl captivated by a guy like that.
I noticed other people in the room look over and just ponder the circumstances like I was doing. I think I would still chuckle away if I found out they got together, the image of him in bed with this women would be to much to handle. I mean when you see 10’s out and about you have to admire them.
Something of such beauty with him… really seals the deal in my head regarding what women really value in a guy.(if it was a date)
So assuming it was a date – there’s a pretty good chance it was set up by some kind of agency of dating site. Perhaps he just knew her through a mutual friend… Pretty good mutual friend to have.
So if you have any doubts about your ability to date and marry 10’s think again. Try and spot these relationships as they are all around you. Spot how the man carries and communicates with others, if you can spot a 4/10 man that is doing well for himself you have to take notice.
Just be more self aware of your surroundings and realise that looks have little to do with it.
Dress well, money helps, but more importantly communicate effectively. Get to know her – make her laugh – hold eye contact – use keno escalation (physical touch).
You might just find yourself waking up next to a blond bombshell this Sunday morning! It really can be done and the guy opposite me in the restaurant seems to be living proof.

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