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The UK has seem a massive increase in casual dating since the arrival of UK owned cupid plc (The owner of cupid, benaughty, girls date for free and several other dating sites). Be naughty is targeted towards casual sex and casual dating. It’s a paid service with all the features of a professional matchmaking site.
The friend finder network is still one of the best options when considering casual sex in the UK.
The reason is because of it’s sheer size – UK daters turn to adult friend finder when looking to find:

  1. Swingers
  2. Alternative hookups
  3. Online UK chat
  4. Bisexual encounters
  5. Group arrangements
  6. An online sex community

Like the uk benaughty the friend finder network is based on a paid membership billed every month. Finding sex can be pricy depending on your budget which is why PL Dating has created a free version which you can sign up here for.
Obviously the paid version is going to offer more – but if your just looking to find men and women in your county then a large free casual dating site will work. There are no fancy tools and video chat but it does allow you to search and contact members near you via email. The most simple functionality is often the best! If you would like to video chat request this via email and both meet online at or another great free video chat service.
Some resent the idea of paying to contact someone online when there are so many free sites that offer so much more but understand that facebook is not he open network that dating sites are. You are really paying for the motivation and intent of users in one location.
If your a bisexual women looking for casual sex in London or Manchester you can easily find what your looking for on most casual dating sites. This is because you are in HOT demand not only from many women but from most men too…
There is no doubt that like the US the UK will have a ratio that favors women. The nature of casual sex dating is more motivating for men than it is for women. To generalize women are motivated to find a stable relationship where their future is secure.
Online sexual encounters reported in London from 2010-2011 occur as a result of male sexual motivation (male initiation) and usually result in one encounter only. Casual sex created offline in most cases lasts longer and becomes a casual dating relationship which can lead to long term dating.
If casual dating to you doesn’t mean the intention of no strings attached sex then there are some less sexually influenced dating sites that I list in this post:
Big cities report larger numbers of casual encounters not only because of the population but also because of the population proximity.
It’s easy to filter by UK city and find that your girl next door on the lookout for a 24 year old guy from Manchester happens to be living only 10 minutes away! It’s easy enough to live close to london and drive in with the intention of meeting at one of the main nightclubs.
I regularly get email from guys suggesting that this technique as worked for them extremely well. The idea is that meeting someone that you have created a connection will offline means that you can break through introduction barriers quickly.
Just imagine meeting up at, or the exclusive with a women you know is already interested in hooking up.
The knowledge you have before you even meet is priceless – it’s the real value of chatting online about sexual interests and motivations.
You can have her aroused and interested in you before you meet – then when it comes to dancing it’s all on. From their your apartment doesn’t seem that far away… and this is called mashing up online dating pickup with nightclub pickup.
It has to be one of the easiest ways to meet UK girls. The trust you establish online as well as the offline meetup works wonders.
Because you are meeting her at a pre-arranged location means that you are already at some level of friendship…
The confidence you gain from knowing she is not only single and looking for guys but has come here to meet YOU should be HUGE.
In fact it should be all you need to seal the deal that very night. Of course there still needs to be that sexual chemistry offline but that’s often not for you to decide.
UK Casual Dating is alive and well – All you need to do is get in the action. Make yourself available via multiple online dating profiles across free and paid sites and you will NEVER have to leave a nightclub empty handed again. That is if you have some sort of game to begin with!

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