UK Mature Date Ideas

Dating over 50 is definitely based around a different set of values and principles. Many mature daters are more concerned with finding a friend rather than a sexual partner.
Love is certainly a priority and so is the ability to find a match with similar hobbies and interests.
Attending flower shows, bingo nights or nights in with tea and scones, you want someone they can share your quality time with. You have money after working a considerable amount of time in your previous years and might be interested in finding a partner in travel.
If you looking for success when dating matures singles in the uk eharmony suggests that you stay young at heart – read on if you are looking for mature date ideas that will keep you young at heart


Classical dance, Line Dancing or even salsa – whatever music you enjoy there are local dancing groups that get together and enjoy time with each other.
You can sign up for dance lessons at local halls in London, they provide amazing opportunity to get to know other singles in your area and have fun while doing it.


Picnics at the beach or park are great non physical date ideas that get you out of the house and into the outdoors.
Your picnic spots are not limited to nearby parks… you should take a Sunday drive out to a national reserve or countryside.
Be sure to do some baking the night before to bring along.

Wine Tasting

Local wineries allow you to taste their wine while touring through the winery. Wine tours and tastings relaxes the mood and another great way to date singles over 50. The date doesn’t have to end at the winery though. Grab a bottle and head back to your house.

Take a Cruise

If you have money so spare and are serious about the relationship you can organise boat cruises. Getting the smell of the sea breeze and tasting whats on offer while playing cards with the other singles and partners can be great fun.

Poker Bingo Cards

Bars host local card games which you can join. You can also host your own card games and invite your friends.

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