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Is there such a thing as uncomplicated casual sex?
A recent article in laweekly suggests that finding it on craigslist is not so easy to find.
The great thing about craigslist is that is has market share – everyone knows about it. It’s one big watering hole of personal ads.
However the fact that it requires NO registration means anyone in the world can post a random ad. Such a low barrier to entry increases dating and romance scammer activity. This is also true for other free dating sites.
Paid dating sites have the resources to create anti scam teams to create a safe dating environment. However paid dating sites also allow free signups to view certain areas of profiles so everyone is open to it.
You can choose to allow casual sex to be uncomplicated – it has much to do with your maturity levels and choice of sex partner.
Trying to bag a frisky 19 year old might seem exiting at the time but in most cases they just aren’t mature enough to deal with an anonymous encounter.
Casual sex tends to get complicated because emotions are involved. In general you don’t have control over who you get attracted to (attraction isn’t a choice, david deangelo)
So believing that you are in control of how you will feel in reference to your casual sex encounter is being a little naive.
Especially when you are dealing with sex! Sex has strong attachment and bonding elements built in to keep two mating partners together.
Online Sex Partner Not Returning Emails
You will already be aware of how much attention women get on dating sites… Multiply this by 20 for online casual sex dating sites.
In most cases they love the attention – In most cases they mistake it for honest authentic flattery. Some of the emails she receives will be authentic but how is she to know?
So why is your sexy 23 year old online fantasy suddenly not replying?
After the initial exciting and attention a women will start to rationalize. The reality of meeting a complete stranger online will sink in.

  1. Getting injured
  2. Getting disappointed
  3. Wasting my time
  4. Jeopardizing my health and my business
  5. Being rejected
  6. Getting emotionally hurt
  7. Humiliation
  8. Shyness/Reservations
  9. Rudeness
  10. STD’s

In most cases the ideal of casual sex… the fantasy of meeting a knight in shining armor is extinguished by the reality.
Casual sex can and should be very uncomplicated with the right company. But in most cases it’s far from uncomplicated – both women and men need time…
Time to trust you, get sexually turned on and accept that this really is going to happen. Each stage of the online offline transition takes time. It takes 2 minutes to sign up and send a message – but much more is required for sex to actually take place.

 The +’s of Casual Sex Online

It’s uncomplicated…
If your a gay guy or gay women that just isn’t interested in the small talk and expensive drinks that is the bar scene online dating has one thing going for it.
Casual dating is straight to the point – no pissing around – no social awkwardness… Everyone knows the score and if your not interested you simply don’t respond.
It’s efficient yes – people still flake out on you however it’s the price you pay for anonymous and fast casual hookups.
Your able to find just the right person for your needs… well close to it.
Looking for a 27 year old red head with black twins? you might just find it online.
Looking for bisexual meetings in london? group sex in LA? or swingers in NY?
Casual sex communities give you the power to at least get into contact with a group.
Once again – depending on who is involved the casual encounter could be hell on earth and very embarrassing and awkward or an amazing night. The problem is you have to put yourself out on a limb to find out.
Sex doesn’t have to be a complicated thing but it invariably ends up that way if your either not emotionally prepared or don’t choose wisely from the start.
Video chat – or facebook friend requests are options but they do tend to remove the anonymous nature of the whole situation.
I would advise that if your really after uncomplicated casual sex it’s all going to be about the partner you choose. Older women and mature younger women are a good bet. Use your gut and don’t get carried away with wanting to meet up with them within an hour of meeting. You have to choose a women that is aware of the whole situation – they need to be seeking males for casual encounters rather than a specific guy for long term relationships.
Your online and using casual dating for anonymous and casual encounters – so don’t be afraid of asking for it.
Persistence with manners authenticity and honesty should be your focus.
Casual sex relationships get complicated when you add TIME…
If you want to keep emotions of attachment out of the way – keep it to a one night stand, don’t sleep over and have breakfast in the morning and pillow talk for hours at night will also not help.
So long as a women is aware of all of this you should be able to keep this up without to much trouble.
It’s when you start to narrow down what type of women your after and out of the blue meet that special girl of your dreams… Then you decide if it’s time to go all in and make a relationship out of the whole process…
Until then keep sending those emails.
Sources: http://www.laweekly.com/2011-01-27/news/uncomplicated-casual-sex-not-easy-to-find-on-craigslist/

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