How to Use Cam Chat to Get Instant Sex Online

Cam Chat

Online Cam Sex is live, interactive porn that allows you to take control. With the hottest models available 24/7, you are able to play with horny girls live in real-time, no matter where they are in the world.

Act out your wildest fantasies and fulfill your every need – all from the comfort of your own home.

And no one needs to know.

Cam Chat for Instant Online Sex – no waiting, no confusion, just do it.

  • When you don’t want the hassle of meeting a girl and chatting her up for hours, spending money and then maybe getting some action…
  • When you want it right there and right now, you don’t even want to leave the house…
  • Cam chat is the quick and easy solution.
  • It’s much easier than having to shower, get dressed and look good, get to a place with women and then try to pick her up.

She’s not hanging around in a pack and you don’t have to muster up the courage to go talk to her.  She’s already listening to you. All the work has already been done for you, and it sure makes your life a whole lot easier.

So let’s back-track a bit.

What is a Cam Chat? 

There is a multitude of chat sites that allow you to take the experience of chatting online with a stranger much further than simple text messaging. They allow you to see the girl you are talking to and interact with her face to face.

This has come to be known as cam chat, camera chat or video chat.

When you get into online cam chat, you are most likely looking for one of two things:

  1. You want to have online sex with a beautiful woman right now, or
  2. You want to meet a girl close to your area online through cam chat, with the idea of later hooking up and taking her home.

There are a  whole variety of sites catering for both needs.

This article is centered around hot, online sex, but if you’re looking for a few camera sites for a chat now, bang later kind of setup, we will suggest a few as well.

Why do we like online camera chat?

  • You can see who you’re talking to

This saves you the trouble of talking to a girl for hours, only to find out that she looks like the back-end of a bus. (Ugh. And that’s happened to all of us.)

  • Get laid immediately, no hassle and no excessive spending

All things considered, it shouldn’t cost you more than $1-$20, depending what you’re looking for. The amount that you spend is entirely up to you. If you get lucky, you can find yourself getting a whole lot of action for less than you’d spend on a cup of coffee.

  • Satisfy your needs without feeling like you’re cheating on your partner

You don’t even need to leave the house. As long as you clear your browser history, it won’t leave a trace and you are 100% clean.

All payments are discreetly billed and nobody needs to know.

100% satisfaction and completely guilt-free. Because what did you do wrong? Nothing.


It doesn’t matter what you look like or if you’re flat broke

She doesn’t care what you look like. She was horny before you got there, and she’ll be horny with you when you arrive.

Nobody can’t even see you unless you decide to switch your webcam on.

If it’s your first time engaging in virtual sex or if you’re more of a shy guy, go ahead and leave your webcam off. No hard feelings.

It doesn’t even matter how broke you are. You’re not taking her out to a fancy restaurant and spending heaps of cash.

Cam chat is probably the most guilt-free fun you can have with five bucks. It’s a tailor-made experience like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

What are Some Good Cam Chat Sites?

There are a number of cam chat sites . Some focus on just chatting, and others are centered around getting down and dirty.

Further down in this article, we have included a list of our top 10 cam sex sites.

Below is an introduction to the ins and outs of online cam sex – for the complete beginner or just someone with a question or two.

All of the pictures below are screen grabs taken directly from

This is the real deal!

About Pornoroulette is an online video chat site which allows you to get laid right here, right now.

You don’t have to have a membership to watch girls get naked and tease you in front of the camera. However, you do need one to comment and chat on the site.

To get a membership, all you need to do is register by providing your email address and a password –And membership is absolutely free.

Once you have clicked on “Cam Girls,” you will find dozens of models who are live in front of their webcams right now. Click on whichever ones pique your fancy, sit back, and watch the show.

How to use Pornoroulette

You are able to have a few  different tabs open at the same time. That allows you to see which ones you enjoy the most, or you can watch them all simultaneously.

Once you are watching, you will find a chat bar on the right-hand side of the page. It is polite to say hi and let the naughty lady know what you are into.

If you watch without introducing yourself, she will consider you to be an asshole and most likely won’t give you anything. It’s considered common courtesy to greet and be polite – and the irony is not lost on us.

By telling her what you are into, you will be able to find out whether she shares the same interests as you and would she be willing to fulfil your requests.

Each girl is different, and this allows you to have an exclusive interactive experience and get exactly what you like from an absolutely gorgeous girl – no strings attached!

You will be able to chat via the chat bar (without using your own webcam), and she may reply either by talking back to you in the live stream or by typing her response in the bar.

It’s incredibly sexy being able to type something to her and watch her reaction. Then you can hear her respond or watch her bite her lip as she types back. Mmmmm, your own personal show.

With the channel of communication opened, you will both be feeling relaxed and have an understanding of what is about to happen.

You can choose to “give gold” and support her live chat with a payment of your choice. Typical amounts given are $1 or $2 at a time, ranging up to $25 should you be feeling generous (or maybe she’s just that good).

This will encourage her to do more for you and make your time worthwhile.

Group Chat vs One on One

Up to this point, you have been watching her general live stream, which may have included some other guests as well. You are able to see how many guests are included under the chat bar on the right. This will give you a good indication of the tone of the show.

More guests mean that she’s putting on a great performance and has gotten a lot of guys interested. The downside is that it’s far less exclusive and less geared towards what you want.  The other guys may also give gold and request that she does something in line with their own interests.

Fewer people may mean that she’s just getting started, or perhaps her interests are a little more uncommon.

If you’re not the type that likes to share, you don’t have to. You have the ability to create a one-on-one cam chat, with no one else invited. This is commonly referred to as an exclusive show.

Exclusive Shows

In the event where you want her to do something just for you, you can open up an exclusive channel between the two of you and have her all to yourself.

You are able to do so by taking her to an exclusive live show, where she will perform solely for you (at a cost, of course).

You can opt to switch your webcam on as well, allowing her to see you and have live camera sex with you. This is usually referred to as cam to cam, and is entirely at your discretion.

You are in total control, and can take it as far as you wish to. You can opt to sit back and watch, or play a more active role in a sexual roleplay or fantasy game. Your opinion is the only one that matters.

Because she caters for your every need, she makes sure to give it to you exactly as you like it. She’ll make you come so hard you’ll be dreaming about her for weeks.

Gold Shows

Many of the models put on a special show which requires payment to watch it.

Live camera chat builds up to the show by showing a preview of what they will be doing. A countdown timer will indicate when the gold show will begin, and the $ goal that is required for it to start.

In order to watch the gold show, there is a minimum required payment, usually between $1 and $5.

Depending on the number of visitors watching the live stream, members may need to contribute more money in order for the goal amount to be met. Adding additional money is optional, yet the model may cancel the gold show should the target not be met.

By spending a few dollars, you will be able to get the best of her in an interactive show for only a select few. Gold shows and exclusive shows are where the models go all out, and you can count on getting your money’s worth.

Gold Shows with Toys

On request or on her own, the models will frequently show you which toys they most enjoy playing with, and many of them will allow you to select or request specific toys.

Toys may range from normal, basic dildos and vibrators right through to incredibly adventurous and daring ones. It all depends on the girl – it’s her show, and the limits are no less than her own imagination.

Many of the models have a toy that is referred to as a tip vibe – and it vibrates inside her with varying intensity every time someone sends gold her way. Some girls save it for their exclusive and private live shows, while others use it any time.

She will put it in her description if she is using it, or you may be able to see for yourself on the video. Give her a few dollars and watch her scream and shake with pleasure – her orgasm is controlled by you.

Should you be into any specific toys or sexual acts, simply ask her and she will often oblige. She will never know what you want unless you tell her, so go right ahead and share with her your deepest sexual desires.

For most shows, the minimum required contribution is $1 for you to have access. You may contribute more in order to help reach her target amount, to avoid her canceling the show.

Fetishes and Fantasies

If you have a specific fetish or fantasy that you would like her to explore with you, it won’t take you long to find a girl that is exactly what you are looking for.

Common themes are bondage and BDSM, however, you can chat to her about anything that you are interested in and she may be willing to play along.

Many of the models enjoy experimenting with new forms of roleplay and fantasized sexual acts. There’s a good chance that even if she hasn’t done something before, she will be more than willing to try it out for the first time with you.

Don’t hold back, and tell her everything that you’re into. All those things that you could never tell anybody, you can share with her. Because what have you got to lose?

Remember, it’s your show and it’s personalized just for you.

Our Top 10 Cam Chat Sites

We’ve compiled a list of the best online sex cam sites, so that you can quickly take a look at them and find the ones that suit you the best. They offer varying types of online cam chat, but all have one thing in common – gorgeous girls naked in front of the camera.

  • Live nude online sex
  • Site is free to use with premium options

  • Beautiful nude models
  • HD video for the ultimate experience
  • Site is free to use with premium options

  • Adult webcam girls with live sex and nudity
  • Site is free to use with premium options


  • There are models online all day, everyday
  • Huge amount of free nudity
  • Platform is free to use, with tipping and premium options


  • Hundreds of nude cam girls ready to act on your every word
  • 100% free site


  • Top rated online cam sex
  • Live nude sex shows
  • Site is free to use with premium options


  • Nude online chat and sex shows
  • Platform is 100% free to use


  • HD video available for many of the models
  • Platform is free to use with premium options


  • Sexy German cam girls performing live
  • HD cameras bringing you the best quality video


  • Sexy models available around the clock
  • Platform is free to use with premium options


Cam Chat FAQ

If you’re still new to cam chat, chances are you may have some questions. The ones listed below are the questions and concerns that we answer often.  Have a look below and you will most likely find what you are looking for.

I’m more of the shy type and a little nervous about cam chat. What do I do to relax my nerves?

There’s nothing to worry about – she can’t even see you unless you opt to turn your webcam on. Should you prefer to remain in the cloak of anonymity, feel free to do so. You can even put a sticker over your webcam if you’re nervous.

Remember that the models are only looking at a camera, and putting on a show for whoever wishes to watch. There are no obligations, and you can take it only as far as you feel comfortable doing.

My relationship with my wife has been on the rocks for a while now. Is cam chat a good idea for me?

If you are in a relationship, there is one question that you need to answer before engaging in cam chat.

Do I consider this to be cheating on my partner?

Most people consider cheating an actual physical act with another person, which cam chat isn’t . For you, it may be different.

On the other hand, if you were going to cheat anyway, would you rather do it online with a stranger, without ever meeting her in person, or hooking up with a girl and physically having sex with her?

The answer would have to come from you.

Can anyone see me via my web cam?

Nope, not unless you opt to switch it on. To put your mind at ease, you can put a sticker over it and never have to worry about it again. Sit back and enjoy the show.

Can I choose who I speak to?

Some sites offer a random chat, whereas others allow you to select the girl you wish to chat with. If you visit the site often, you may become familiar with some of the models and develop a relationship with them. This is entirely up to you. You also have the option of only selecting random models.

How much will it cost me?

The average costs may differ depending on your personal preferences and what you wish to do. Without spending any money at all, you will be able to watch a few models chatting to the camera while being partially or completely naked.

In order to watch a show where she engages in sexual acts, you will need to pay. The average charge is $1 – $5 for access to a show, however, you can opt to give more should you wish to or should you feel that the model warrants it.

Do I have to register or can I stay anonymous?

That would differ between the various cam chat sites on offer. Some allow you to watch without registering and then ask you to register in order to chat or take part in any paid activities. Others request registration upfront.

In most cases, registration is completely free and you never have to pay for membership – you only pay for the specific shows you wish to see.

What about payments? Do they leave a trail?

Most sites use discreet billing to prevent anyone who sees your credit card statements from knowing what it was for. Each cam chat site has its own policy regarding this. Before using a particular site, you may prefer to check out their “about” page or a page with the relevant information to put your mind at ease.

I’m gay. Are there options available for me?

Absolutely. Many cam chat sites have a dedicated site within the site exclusively for gay online sex. No matter your sexual preferences, you will find an option that suits you perfectly.

There are also specific cam chat sites which cater exclusively for a gay audience, such as or

The picture quality is not clear. Is there something I can do to fix it?

The quality of the video stream depends on the speed of your internet connection as well as the resolution of the model’s camera. Many models prefer to use HD cameras, allowing you to enjoy every detail.

If your internet speed is slow, try to keep the cam chat site the only open tab on your browser. Another option is to use it more during off-peak times.

Failing that, take a look at your browser’s settings, as some browsers allow you to change the resolution of images and videos that display on websites. There is always a way around any problem that you may face.

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