Useful Adult Chat Room Etiquettes and Strategies

An online adult chat room provides a lot of opportunities to enjoy online adult fun. This can be a perfect place to meet new people who would like to have some online sex chat with you and perhaps hookup offline. The tips we have below will include best strategies and etiquette’s to insure success when using an online adult chat room.

Useful Adult Chat Room Strategy

1. Research. Use online search engines or ask a friend for a recommendation. This is the very basic part of the strategy, to know as many adult chat rooms as you can. Use Google to search for related terms like “adult chat room” or “free adult chat rooms”. The search results will have plenty to choose from.

The next step is to narrow down your research. Pick the sites that interests you the most. Then do a specific search. For example if you want to chat with local swinger’s, search for something like, “adult chat room in Atlanta”. This will give localized results and list chat sites with local chat rooms. If looking for a fetish chat room then do a search on related terms, like cross dresser chat rooms, lesbian sex chat room, etc.

The research will also include recommendation from friends if you are too bold about your online adult activity. They might have tried something or they might be on a good chat room. There are invitation only chat rooms so having a friend from the inside will really help.

2. Trial. Your friends may recommend a chat site which they really like, but it does not mean that you will feel the same way towards it. This is also the time to consider going for a paid or free membership chat site. Trying a website and it’s chat room will tell if it’s worth your time or money. This way will also test if you like the site in general or not. Please remember that adult chat sites may have some different chat rooms which are worth checking.

3. Create a profile. Once you have chosen a chat site, it’s time to claim a spot by creating a good and interesting profile. Put up a good picture or avatar. Make your page interesting, see if it allows to put some catchy profile chat lines. This will get a lot of attention or page views.

4. Have some residence. Build a good and strong  reputation by being a regular. Having a good profile is not enough. It’s also important that to become one of the regulars.  If you can’t use it most of the time try to be on it on certain time. This way other users will know that by this time you will be there. This creates a regular routine and prominence.

5. Make some friends. Eventually you will have some good buddies. This time aim to make some friends and connections. This adds to your reputation too.

Best Adult Chat Room Etiquettes

  • Be friendly. This can also mean “don’t be rude and don’t be dick”. Remember that on the other side is a real person like you who got feelings, dignity and manners (likable or otherwise). This means that we need to avoid swearing, racist commentaries, attacking, other things that may offend other people on public chat room.
  • Don’t be idle or leave the room without warning. If  leaving an adult chat room, say that you are going. Explain the reason for leaving if you can.  Also don’t be idle, when away from your keyword (AFK) hence will not be responsive for a while then, tell everyone that you will be away or busy doing something.

    Of course we can’t avoid that sometimes we encounter technical difficulties. We sometimes lost internet connection, PC would just freeze, or accidentally closed the chat window. If this happens make sure you make an apology when you come back online.

  • Tell everyone you are new on the room if it’s the first time that you have joined. When on a small community ask a permission to join the conversation. This can also be a good opener for your game.
  • Don’t be a lurker. If you have nothing to say and just want to observe then state your intention.
  • If you don’t want to be disturbed better stay offline. An adult chat room is designed to communicate, talk, and get connected. If you don’t want to be disturbed better stay offline.
  •  Don’t type in all capital. Capital  letters suggest an intense emotion and mostly it’s nice and we typically interpret it as shouting.
  • Don’t use too much arts, emoticons, large fonts and colors. Anyone can be creative, but don’t use too much of these. A glaring color makes chat lines hard to read. Using large fonts means using a lot of space on the chat box. This deprives the right of others. Emoticons are good and fun, but don’t over use it.
  • Learn to use chat tools. Some public adult chat rooms will have chat tools and features. Some of which will allow users to tag (use of @ sign) your message so it means talking to that particular person. Some of these features will allow users to send private chat messages and even audio or flirty messages.
  • Use Buzz only when necessary. Buzz when you need to. If you don’t know what’s happening on the other side of the line, don’t over use it. I only use this to wake up a sleepy chat mate.
  • Learn common chat terms. When inside an adult chat room or any other chat rooms, keep in mind that you are joining a community. This means that they have unique terminologies, and culture creating an identity. That is why they may have some common terms which they might have designated some acronyms and slang terms. Make an effort to learn it together with common internet lingo and chat terminologies.
  • Be patient. Again we are not sure what is happening on the other side of the line so we must have patience. Some are really busy or just slow at typing. So we have to be patient with these guys.
  •  Finally be SAFE. It’s fun being a part a good chat site. But remember to exercise caution and stay safe all the time. Don’t give personal details online specially if you don’t know the person too well. Don’t even trust your home phone or work phone. It’s better if you have a disposable prepaid mobile number. Always be careful of what you say, someone may get a screen capture of your chat window and use your words against you. If something smells fishy and your guts says something is wrong. It’s wrong most of the time and it’s time to run for it! So trust your instinct.

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