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Among the best things the erotic industry has given us are free live cams, such as Free Live Cam Girls, Cams 4 Free, Im Live, Stream Young and many others. Not only are these sites easy to use, but they also have completely new interfaces with modern looks and new functionalities. But while they are doing their best to offer great service, users also have to do their part to get the best live cam experience. Here’s a guide to using free live cams:

Free Live Cams: Navigating the Sites

On a live cam page, you will find various ways to browse it—you can view the performers by list, title or gallery. List views are usually used by older live cam sites that have not made any updates yet, while title views are somewhat like that of For gallery views, they are a combination of the two and are used by newer live cam sites to offer more convenience to their users.

There are also sites with multiple views that let users look at different live chat rooms. These views can include selections of chat hosts who are hot at the moment, your own private list and a list of participants who are engaged in regular events, such as gigs and parties.

While these sites brand themselves as “free”, you should remember not all the girls will let you watch their stream for free, even if they are not in a private show, so you can just preview their shows instead.


Free Live Cams: Having Live Video Chats

To fully experience the right combination of sensual and erotic live performances of girls straight from their bedrooms, you should first sign up to these sites. By having your personal account, you will be able to browse through all available live cam hosts and models. And if you are lucky to join a popular live cam site, you might have the opportunity to chat with a famous celebrity porn star!

Live cam sites have a free text chat feature to offer you unlimited free live chats with sexy hosts. By using it, you will have the benefit to get a peek of the private shows these women would be performing for you later on. You can also view some of their hot and enticing photographs on their profiles and read comments from other members who have seen their previous performances.

These sites also allow you to send e-mail messages to the sexy hosts for free! You can even do this to message celebrity porn stars or simply get the attention of amateur performers.

So, hook up your webcams and microphones, and watch and listen to these hot women as they perform in front of you.

Free Live Cams: Sending Instant Messages

To be able to participate in instant messaging, live cam sites require you to install the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player on your computer. Otherwise, you will not be able to use this feature.

Most of these chat windows are easy to use. You can expand them by clicking anywhere on their title bars and minimize them by clicking on them again. To have a private chat with someone, you can simply click on her name in the members’ panel found in the window. Each name you click on will create a private messaging window, and most of the time, you are given the option to open up multiple windows simultaneously. Remember that these chat rooms have many members logged in at the same time, so if you are looking for a certain person, just quickly search for her by simply clicking “search for members” (which is commonly found on these windows) on the members’ panel and enter the first few letters of her name.

For sending chats, it is very simple. Just click your mouse anywhere in the bottom part of the window, enter your message and then press the “Enter” key to send it.

When it comes to screen resolution, you will enjoy chatting with widths of 1280 pixels or higher. At this size, the members’ panel will not cover any of the site’s content. If it happens that you are using smaller resolutions, you can just minimize or close it completely by clicking the “X” in the upper right corner of the window.

Photos will be displayed at the top of the members’ panel, and if you do not have a profile pic, then you will just be provided with a default image. Also, take note that you cannot set such a picture on the instant messaging interface, and you can usually do it on the edit or upload functions on these websites. Just follow the directions on screen.

Many of live cam sites also allow you to completely turn off the instant messaging feature. You can do this by editing your profile and choosing not to allow other members to send you instant messages. By doing so, you will automatically become invisible on the site. Consequently, you can no longer see other members who are currently logged into the site.

Using the “Reports” Function

Truth be told, many of these sites have performers who will not provide what they promise or will be rude to you. This is the reason why they place a “reports” feature to allow their members to complain on such issues. This is very useful, given that these problems happen on these sites. Performers would even ban or block irrationally, like when you give a bad review, etc.

Going Mobile

You can enjoy using live cam sites on your Android or iPhone devices. Just use the same log-in details on your PC. Just remember that some of these sites may not work properly on smaller screens. You can text chat on your device, but the site’s functions might be more limited due to screen size. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy watching and conversing with your favorite performers.

When you are using an iPhone, take note that it has no Flash, so there might be fewer options.


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