Using Facebook Myspace and Orkut To Find Dates Online

If you do not want to spend money on real dating sites like then facebook myspace and orkut provide real alternatives. You could also use other free dating sites such as 4ppl or
The major benefit to using facebook as a way to find a date online is the very way users interact within these social media sites. Users are not expecting you to want to go on a date with them they are just looking to connect with friends which means their “you’re a creep” guard is way down.
The guard is usually up on dating sites due to the number of requests that get from users trawling the site. They are open to suggestions because you are now their friend simply suggesting mutually beneficial meeting places.
This subtle mindset shift from protecting myself from online dating trawlers to now being around other friends and open is huge. Most guys and girls do not utilise the power of the open marketplace that is facebook because they are unaware that it can be used as such. They also do not know how to go about asking unknown facebook users to be their friends.
The thought of, I don’t know this person so why would they accept my friend invitation might come to mind. In the end its a numbers game and once your inside the sanctuary of friendship status it’s all downhill from there.
Your success with dating online using facebook myspace and orkut will come down to truly being authentic and wanting to find someone suited to you. It is hard to come across authentic with someone when all you want to do is get their number.
When using facebook allow a period of time to get to know them and the friends they are
commenting on. You now have ammunition to use in conversation that is meaningful to them. If the only reason you are doing any of this is to get on a date with them rather than wanting to be there friend you could find the fishing tough, or though if you can act well all the best.
The real benefit of dating using facbook is that it is actually alot more personal and based on friendship rather than the dating sites which are often considered a bit dirty. Everyone is
very open to chat and interact due to the open nature of social media sites.
DO NOT misuse your new friends trust by doing something silly or diving in with a silly comment. Treat them as you would any other friend (obviously) and you will be surprised at the number of new hot friends you get using online dating with facbook and myspace.


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