Using Facebook To Get Girls “Numbers”


The value of a friend request… and an iphone

Gone are the days that you need to ask for a phone number – that is seen as a little to much to soon when it comes to the bar scene… Times are moving on very quickly and now you can ask for an “email”… but lets take things further.
You are out and about – lets say a house party or town bar somewhere – you happen to be talking to a friend of a friend and you think there could be a little bit of chemistry going on…
What do you do?
Many guys will let this opportunity slip away by saying “bye” when they leave or just never physically escalating during conversation… But perhaps it wasn’t the time or the place to seduce this girl…
You were happy simply to get to know her better and perhaps in a different environment emotions could escalate between you. She gave you a nice flirty look during one of your interactions so you know that she is interested.
Rather than going for the phone number of asking her to “go out with you” like a complete idiot why not utilize the current technology to expand your social circle.

The power of the face book friend request

If you have an iphone your should have access to face book – this means that all you need to do is ask for her name and in real time search for her on face book and click add as friend.
She might do the same to you right there then and you can have a laugh about chatting together on FB in a loud nightclub while sitting across the table from each other.
It’s also much easier to flirt in a certain way while your messaging because it’s so discreet rather than shouting in her ear.
Before she goes say “I‘m adding you on facebook” in a joking manner like… your NOT getting away that easily!
That’s all you have to do.
From their she will add you and then you can easily get the information you need like if she is single etc. Now you can send her messages and chat with her online in a relaxed environment because you have quickly escalated from random friend dude to “friend”.


Ok if you asked for it…

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