Using free online dating to find a “soulmate”

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So the word soulmate really doesn’t resonate with me, I just think it’s a little weird to be using on a free dating site like okcupid or plenty of fish, especially so publicly.

Outwardly searching for a long term relationship is fine of course but a “soul mate?”come on.

I think the spiritual side of things should come into it later on when you really find out that they too are ready for a long term relationship.

The fact is free online dating sites are really only good for one thing and that is to bring people together to one area, kind of like a big mall.

You set up shop (profile) you advertise (profile description and emailing) and then you wait and see if anyone bites.

Yes free online dating sites can be used to find long term relationships, eHarmony seem to do an extremely good job of connecting singles and creating marriages. But free online dating seem to be targeting a different market.

There is still the possibility of getting married down the line but going to a free online dating site to look exclusively for marriage is kind of missing the point.

Have the intention of finding a soul mate or marriages down the line is fine, but ease up on the serious face at the beginning. If you are all about the marriage and nothing else you will miss a lot of chances to get to know some cool people. I would recommend you do have the filter to get rid of people looking for casual encounters but I think “soulmate” goes a bit to far. Free online dating sites just aren’t made for that sort of thing.

Sure this could happen down the line but for now just focus on getting a few lunch dates.

This involves easing up on the restrictive filters and pulling back on the negative walls and preconceived ideas about user intentions. Sure you might get burnt a few times but hell you have to remember that you are playing with fire when you sign up to a free dating site.

There ARE singles online that are not to savoury if you know what I mean… If you want a soul mate I would suggest that you try eVow(free) or decide to fork out some cash and go with eHarmony.

Not that these other paid dating sites provide anything more than plenty of fish or okcupid as far as features or even number of users but I think you pay for user quality and user intent.

When you aim is to really find someone that you wish to spend a very large part of your life with you should be prepared to invest a little coin. The users inside paid dating sites have been FILTERED by something I like to call MONEY.

As sad as this is users that are prepared to pay usually have there shit sorted out more than the punters on plentyoffish. I am not saying pof is providing any less value, they fill an amazingly large dating niche, it’s just not the “soulmate” niche.

So this is just a long winded way of saying don’t try using free online dating sites to find your soul mate. If you still go ahead and forget all this start of casual with lunch dates and then progress slowly from there. If your all serious from the start and heavily filtering you will miss a ton of dating opportunities.

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