Veggie Connection Review

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Veggie Connection will require an email address and password to register an account to use the website.

Part of the sign-up procedure is providing specific details like your gender and the gender of the person you’re seeking to have a relationship with.

Veggie Connection is a diet-based dating site, thus the next logical question they ask is your diet. There are a couple of diet options you can choose, from semi-vegetarian, raw vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian to macrobiotic.

An individual’s physical attributes like height, weight, body type, hair and eye color together with other personal details like birthdate/age, relationship status, occupation, ethnicity, languages spoken, and other lifestyle factors.

A couple of open-text fields require new users to expound on the reasons for their diet choice, a short bio, and what they’re looking for.

Finally, a partner search criteria must be filled out. The criteria include area/location, diet, physical attributes, ethnicity, relationship status, education, lifestyle choices, etc.

After these, an email will be sent containing the activation code. After which you can finally log-in to your account.

Once you’ve logged in, the website will recommend to its members to read the overview or directly head straight to adding photos.

Going to the Overview section will give the users a navigation guide to the website. It illustrates how to search and connect with other users, communicating through the platform, using tokens and managing subscription.


The homepage has various sections and one of the first ones users can see is the Mailbox and the Search section. Mailbox contains all the communications with the other users while the Search function will display nearby users from your location.

Community contains Articles, Blogs, Comments, a Forum and Poll section.


To be able to communicate effectively with other users VeggieConnections utilize tokens and membership subscription tiers.

Members’ Subscription allows the users to send up to 50 emails a day without having to purchase tokens.

  • Silver Membership is at $12 per month or as low as $48 for one full year
  • Gold Membership is at $24 per month or as low as $96 for one full year

Users can also purchase Tokens. Tokens can be bought at different denominations:

  • $72 for 1200 tokens
  • $42 for 600 tokens
  • $32 for 400 tokens
  • $18 for 200 tokens
  • $10 for 100 tokens

Membership Subscription is a more time-based investment – where you can use the perks for the entire validity. This is useful for volume users who want to communicate a lot with a lot of other users.

Tokens, on the other hand, is more of a special features thing that allows users not only to communicate (through T-Mails) but also to send gifts, and being a featured member.

T-Mails cost 50 tokens which creates a permanent connection between two users, without time limits. In this sense, T-Mails is more economical for someone who wants to talk solely to selected individuals for a long time period.


The user interface is kind of primitive, but it is also pretty straightforward. There is an ongoing issue however related to messaging. Since reaching out and communicating with other people is the reason people use dating sites, Veggie Connection seems to be failing in this aspect.

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