How to Meet Sexy Venezuelan Women With Ease

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When you say Venezuela, what the first thing that pops in your mind?


Well, for a majority of guys it’s Venezuelan women. These natural beauties are considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Just the fact that Venezuelan women have the most beauty pageant winners should tell you all you have to know about their beauty and natural charm.

But Venezuelan women are not so desirable only for their physical beauty- it’s their Latin charm and easygoing, relaxed nature, mixed with passion and zest for life that separates Latin women from all the rest.

If you’ve ever dreamed of dating a Venezuelan woman or you are even more determined to make that dream into a reality, but you don’t know where to start, this post is for you.

We’ll go in depth on the nature of Venezuelan women, where to meet them and how to win their hearts. With the rise of online dating sites and apps, meeting any type of woman is not an impossible quest anymore.

With a few clicks of your mouse, you could be on a date with a beautiful latina in a matter of days.

Let’s get it on!

Characteristics of Venezuelan Women

Now we’ll go through a bullet list explaining what makes Venezuelan women so desirable and attractive.

venezuelan women

Venezuelan Women are Beautiful.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear a word latina, my mind automatically imagines a dark-haired, olive skin, big boobs, and wide hips beautiful woman.

And even if it was a generalization, we can agree that Latin women in the majority are beautiful.

Venezuelan women are not an exception. They have olive skins and look very natural. Thanks to a pleasant climate with lots of sun, they have this natural look that doesn’t need a lot of makeup. Lots of makeup only hides what’s underneath the war paint anyways.
We all want women that are beautiful the second they wake up in the morning.

Healthy food is another reason why Venezuelan women are so beautiful. Hot climate means lots of fruit and fruit equals health and radiant energy.

There’s a reason why Latin and Mediterranean people naturally look healthy, vibrant and happy. Lots of it has to do with climate and foods.


Venezuelan women look cute and charming- but don’t be deceived.

On the outside, Venezuelan women look submissive and charming,
and they are, for the most part.

If you managed to win them over and steal their heart, you’ll have the best companion on your side. The best of all -it’ll be a hot companion that will be a center of attention wherever you go.

But don’t be naive and think that all Venezuelan women are like that. They are not so easy to seduce and to win over.

Latin women, in general, are very passionate and opinionated. They have this fire inside them, and they are not afraid to tell to your face what they think, no matter how it’ll make you feel.

If you’re attracted to Latinas, that’s something you’ll learn very quickly. But again, like with any other woman, if you’re a man with principles, grounded and on your mission, you’ll learn very quickly how to deal with feisty Venezuelan women.

Then when you get yourself in a situation where their temperamental and sometimes loud character gets shown, you’ll be prepared, and you’ll know how to handle it like a real man.

The family is number one for Venezuelan women

Big families, where the whole family lives in the same household is a prevalent theme in Venezuelan culture. Not just in Venezuela but in Latin countries in general.

There are a few reasons for why that occurs.

One is because of the hard economic situation in the county of Venezuela. The whole country is going through a severe financial crisis. People are leaving the country because of the high unemployment rates, and the political situation is also not very stable.

The majority of the people that remained in Venezuela are not considered very rich. So the logical conclusion for them is to live in large households where the family works as a unit.

Also culturally a family is essential to Venezuelan people. They tend to stick together and help each other out.

Another reason why Venezuelan women love big families is religion. The majority of people in Venezuela are of Catholic and Christian belief and family is a significant aspect of Catholic and Christian faith.


Venezuelan Women Have a Great Fashion Sense

The country of Venezuela is economically poor so the natural conclusion would be that people don’t pay much attention to how they look.

After all, there are more important things in the world than dressing up when you must take care to survive and get food on your table.

But you would be surprised if you saw how people dress in Venezuela. Especially women.

The way they dress means a lot to Venezuelan women. They love to dress up for their man and show of their best attributes. You’ll see lots of Venezuelan women dressed in branded clothes and cute fitting dresses. What else could a man ask for than a beautifully dressed up woman on his hand?


Venezuelan Woman Love to Party

Party and fiestas are something that comes naturally to Latin people. They are very easy going and relaxed. You’ve probably heard it lots of times when people describe latin people- they seem to love life more than others. They can put their problems on the side and forget about them, and thoroughly enjoy every lives moment.

It seems that Latin people wait for every opportunity to stop working and start partying.

If you’re planning to date Venezuelan women, prepare yourself for lots of dancing, singing and socializing. If you’re an introvert, you’ll have a hard time catching up to their upbeat, carefree way of life.

But it seems we could all learn something from Venezuelan people- to enjoy life more, leave problems for tomorrow and relax.

Venezuelan Women are Hard-working.

Latin people are always portrayed in Hollywood movies as hard-working immigrants. That’s not so far from the truth when it comes for Venezuelan women.

They are very hardworking, but the type of work women do depend on where do they live.

If a woman is living in a more rural area of the country, her responsibilities will be domestic jobs. They are great family caretakers and not afraid to get their hands dirty and do whichever position is necessary to help their family.

In urban areas, you can find Venezuelan women who are geared more towards a professional career, so they tend to work in offices.

But despite their hardworking nature, all Venezuelans, not only women know how to relax and live stress-free


Venezuelan Women are Easygoing and Stress-free

If you’ve never met a person of Latin origin before when you finally meet one your opinion of them may easily be wrong.
Especially if you are coming from the western world where stress and fast-paced life are the norms.

Venezuelan women know when to work hard and when to pull the handbrake and slow down the tempo.

This doesn’t mean Venezuelan women are lazy or anything like that. It’s merely a cultural tradition to take it easy and take the time to smell the roses as they say. We could all learn something from Venezuelan people and apply some “me time” in our lives.


What makes Venezuelan Women so Naturally Attractive

Venezuela has 6 Miss World winners, which makes them the absolute winners with the most beauty pageant winners of all the other countries.

That’s enough proof even for the blind to conclude Venezuelan women are natural beauties. But what makes them so beautiful?

Why do we imagine not so attractive people when we say England, and we imagine big beautiful latinas when someone mentions Venezuela.

Let’s find out.


  • Hot climate

Remember the last time you took a vacation and traveled somewhere hot and sunny. How did you feel?

How were your energy levels? How did your skin look like?

You already know the answer. Humans love the sun. It’s merely our life battery. Spending lots of time outside in the sun does wonder for our skin, our mood, our hormones, and our energy levels.

Studies found out that people look and feel more attractive and sexier during the summer. It seems that the summer works wonders, especially on women. When you say summer – summer relaxing, having fun and love comes to mind immediately.

Also, lots of sun all year long means women are wearing summer clothes- summer dresses, night dresses, skirts, and bikinis.

Lots of sunny days also do wonders for our hormones, so our libido goes through the roof thanks to all the vitamin D we receive from the sun.

  • Healthy food

If you think only sun and hot weather are responsible for sexy and vibrant Venezuelan women, you’re wrong.

Food also has a significant impact on the way people look, feel and live.
Hot climate means people eat lots of fruit. The most consumed types of fruit in Venezuelan are mangoes, papayas, oranges, bananas, avocados, melons,, and guava.

The most popular beverage in Venezuela is coffee. It was introduced to Venezuelan people thanks to Spaniards, and since then a strong coffee culture emerged. If you’ll be visiting Venezuela pay attention never to refuse a cup of coffee if someone offers it to you because it’s considered a sign of hospitality.

Coffee is also considered healthy. It improves your brain functions, your energy levels and just makes you more awake.

Apart from healthy beverages, Venezuelan women eat lots of chicken, and vegetables- onions, garlic, tomatoes, olives, and green peppers- all foods that are very healthy and rich in nutrients.

  • Stress-free culture

We already mentioned how Venezuelan people and Latin people, in general, tend to make life much more relaxed and live slower than their counterparts in other parts of the world.

But, what does the stress have to do with the fact Venezuelan women are beautiful?

It has to do a lot!

Stress affects our bodies, a lot, and not in a good way. Scientists have discovered that stress makes us feel and look older. More precisely, stress can make your face look a decade older.

Lots of stress puts a massive strain on our skin and makes it look dry and dull, and a hormone called cortisol is to be blamed.

Stress also makes us gain weight faster, and we know how physical looks affect the way people around perceive us. Fat acceptance movements may preach different, that it doesn’t matter. But let’s be honest here, there’s only a small percentage of people who are attracted to fat people.

Let’s cross the line here and conclude that Venezuelan women are beautiful as they are because of their low-stress lifestyles.

Incorporate that into your own lifestyle and gain the benefits.

  • Natural Humility

Humility is defined as a quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance. We could call it modesty or a lack of pride. Even a lack of vanity, or humbleness.

And Venezuelan women definitely possess this attractive quality which makes them perfect partners for a long-term relationship and marriage materials.

Venezuela is heavily influenced with Catholic and Christian religion where over 80 % of people consider themselves very religious.

One of the many tenets of the Christian and Catholic religion is lack of pride, and humility, and Venezuelan women are prime examples of humbleness.


But don’t Believe All the Hype about Venezuelan Women

Yes, Venezuelan women are considered natural beauties.

Yes, Venezuelan women won the most miss world pageants.

But, let’s not generalize too much.

Not all Venezuelan women are beautiful, slim and fit. As in any country, you can find beautiful and ugly people. But if we take into consideration the factors above that influence how people of the specific country live and behave, we can say that in general Venezuelan women are pretty.

In reality, there are some other things happening that are not considered so normal to lots of people from the western world.

We could say that in Latin countries, especially Colombia and Venezuela femininity is considered to be very important. Femininity is an ideal that is being blown out of proportion so much that more and more girls every year go on expensive plastic surgeries just to look more feminine.

How does it work?

To appear more feminine girls go through a procedure of injecting botox to make their asses and tits look more prominent. And in the case of Venezuelan women the bigger, the better.

The most attractive version of a woman for a Venezuelan man is a woman with narrow hips, massive ass, and large tits.

And this phenomenon is getting more popular, so much that every year more and more younger girls go through such surgeries. The situation is becoming so severe that if a young girl doesn’t have the money to pay for an operation, she may even develop all kinds of unjustified complexes.

All based on the opinions of other people that decide what is considered beautiful and what isn’t.


Where to Meet Venezuelan Women?

Venezuela is going through some tough economic crisis these days.

The jobs are very scarce, and even the jobs that are available pay barely enough for people to feed their families and survive.

Inflation is enormous and economic professionals predict that it will increase 1 000 000 % till the end of 2018. The country as a whole goes through hard economic and social situation.

Simply put, the people that are left in Venezuela are poor.

But why do we mention that?

Because if you have any plans of going to visit Venezuela as a tourist, you should be prepared for what is waiting for you.
They say that going to Venezuela as a tourist these days is crazy.

Especially if your goal is to visit Venezuela because of women, that’s maybe not the best idea. The women are leaving Venezuela in droves.

The women of upper middle and upper class have left Venezuela and migrated to Miami, New York or Europe, Spain.

The women of middle and poorer class are migrating from Venezuela to bordering countries like Colombia, Peru, and Chile.

They all migrate to find a better living situation for themselves and their families.

So if your goal is to travel to Venezuela as a tourist to meet girls, that may not be a such a good idea. It’s dangerous, and the trip will cost you a lot of money.

But there are other, modern and less dangerous ways to meet beautiful Venezuelan women- Dating sites

As in other countries all over the world, online dating sites have become the new appropriate way to meet new people for love, sex relationships, and marriages.

Best Dating Sites to Meet Venezuelan Women

If you’re crazy enough to visit Venezuela as a tourist or living there as an expat, your best bet to meet sexy Venezuelan women are online dating sites.

Simply put, dating sites are enjoying the same success as in neighboring Ecuador, and will give you the best bang for your buck. Not to mention that it’s a lot safer to meet girls online than to visit shady nightclubs and bars in big cities- especially if you are not accompanied by a local as a tour guide.

A few words of warning!

As in any other country, online dating sites are full of scammers and fake profiles. Things are not different in Venezuela.

Be very careful to read full profiles of girls you meet online. Be extra cautious to avoid profiles without photos, or profiles with only one picture. If you see a photo with a girl in a bikini that says in her bio she’s looking for men in the age range from 20-80, avoid it. If it sounds fishy, it probably is.

But without further ado, let’s explore the best dating sites to meet Venezuelan women.

Latin American Cupid

Latin American Cupid is your best bet if you want to meet sexy Venezuelan singles. The site is not so popular in neighboring countries like Argentina, Uruguay or Paraguay, but a simple search for single women from 18-35 in Venezuela shows over a 1000 single Venezuelan women.

The site is free to use, but as always with these niche dating sites the results you’ll get will vary. If you’re willing to invest money in upgrading your account to Gold or Platinum subscription you should expect a much better turnover.

Read Our full and honest Latin American Cupid review here


sex badoo

Badoo is another free dating site which works on a freemium model. It merely means that you are free to use the site but with limited perks. To use the full version with all advanced features, you should upgrade to a paid membership.

Badoo is being used in over 180 countries all over the world, and Venezuela is not an exception.

Read our full Badoo Review here.


Tips to Successfully Date Venezuelan Women

If you’ve successfully applied your online dating knowledge on dating sites like Latin American Cupid or Badoo and met a Venezuelan girl, here are a few tips to make your dating an effortless feat.


  • Be Cautious Of Womans Intentions

On a Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, survival needs are always more important than love.

So, if you take into a consideration an economic crisis in Venezuela, you should be aware that not all women are honest about what they’re looking for on an online dating site.

Yes, some Venezuelan women search for love and marriage, but there are also women that search for a provider with money.

Their primary motivation may not be to love you unconditionally but to get you parted with your money which they’ll send back home to their family. For some women love is transactional and for some, it’s the real thing they are searching for-learn to recognize and divide them.

So be warned and be careful in distinguishing with which type you are dealing with.

  • Don’t be cheap

If you meet a girl and you think that she’s in a category that really looks for something serious, treat her good.

Don’t be a cheapskate and expect her to pay for her part of the bill. She’s probably not having a lot of money to throw around, especially if she’s working a minimum wage job.

Show her a good time and don’t be afraid to spend a few bucks. She’ll appreciate it.

It’s the whole different thing if she’s always asking you for the money. Then you should be suspicious and presume that she’s got a family to feed somewhere.

  • Learn Spanish

Whether you’re visiting Venezuela as a tourist, or you plan on meeting Venezuelan women online, learning Spanish will be invaluable.

Learn even a few essential everyday phrases to help you communicate with local people and doors may start to open up for you. People love when you take the time to get familiar with their culture and language. They’ll treat you differently and ensure that you have a good time.

Spanish is not a complicated language, and with programs like Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone, you could be speaking Spanish in two months if you treat it seriously.

  • Learn to dance

They say that the Latin people have an inborn ability to dance. Like they’re born with rhythm. Venezuelan women are very sensual and passionate, and that passion gets shown the best when they dance.

If you want to make picking up Venezuelan women an easy task, learn some basic salsa or bachata moves and start practicing.
Dance classes are an excellent way to immerse yourself in local culture and meet Venezuelan women.

  • Be Masculine

Masculinity or machismo culture is very prevalent in Latin countries. Venezuela is no different.

Venezuelan women are accustomed that their men are acting all bravado and macho. It’s like the women- men roles are the way they are supposed to be in Latin countries, while in America and Europe there’s a problem if a man behaves like a man and a woman act like a woman.

But on the other hand, don’t overdo it and act like someone you’re not. Be a man, but learn when to show your sensitive side to your woman. Just don’t overdo it. Venezuelan women will love you for it.

  • Don’t push for sex too soon

Yes, Venezuelan women are sensual and passionate, but it doesn’t mean she’ll sleep with you on a first date. Some women will, but some just won’t. Learn to recognize the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually and make finding sex an easy game.

  • Have fun

Venezuelan women love to have fun. If you are a fun and easygoing guy that likes to laugh and not treat yourself seriously, you should not have a problem meeting Venezuelan girls.

Always try to show them a good time on dates. Take them for a walk, in movies, to a museum or organize a dinner date at your place.
Just don’t be an annoying guy and they’ll love you.


Where are you meeting sexy Venezuelan and other Latino girls?
Share in the comments below!

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