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Video cam chatting has become a very popular way to communicate. Some use it to communicate with friends and loved ones. Some use it to meet strangers. Some use it for cybersex. The world of video cam chat is as varied as those who participate in it. Video chatting allows us to connect in ways that weren’t possible before. You can connect with people from all over the world, or stay in contact with friends and family.

Advantages of Video Chat

Video chatting has many advantages. It has the ability connect individuals over any distance. It allows children to connect with others from different lifestyles and cultures, which can be a very valuable learning experience. It lets busy adults connect with others, whether it is a stranger, partner, or family members. It also has many business applications. It allows many people to work from home and video chat with bosses or coworkers. It allows companies to hold board meetings with people in different locations.


First, you shouldn’t be pushy when you would like to initiate a video chat. Send the other person a request, and give them a chance to respond. Do not bombard them with multiple messages or requests. It’s just like calling someone on the phone repeatedly. It’s pushy, annoying, and disrespectful.

You should also consider your environment. Loud noisy places aren’t good places for a video chat. Everything going on in the background can make it difficult for your partner to understand you. If you must video chat in a public place, try to choose a quiet corner away from the crowd.

Look your chat partner in the eye. When you are video chatting, be sure to maintain eye contact with your chat partner. Don’t be distracted by other things when you are chatting with them.

You should also look somewhat presentable for a video chat. The days of communicating where no one knew you hadn’t brushed your hair in days are coming to an end. Prepare for a video chat like you would if they were coming to your home to visit. Who you’re chatting with will determine how presentable you should be. If it’s a close friend or partner, you are ok as is. If it is a business call, make sure you are fully dressed.

Family and Friends

Of course one of the ways video chatting is used is to stay in touch with family and friends. This can be a better way to stay in touch than text or voice calls because most of our communication is nonverbal. While an emoticon can easily cover sadness in a text or email, it is much harder to hide in a video chat. Happiness is also conveyed much more effectively when you can see the other’s facial expressions.

While the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting screen time for infants and toddlers, many families use video chatting to stay in contact with family members. They allow infants and toddlers to be involved in the chat, giving them a way to stay connected with family members. This may have particular benefits for young children, because they haven’t yet developed a sense of object permanence. If they don’t see something, they don’t realize that it still exists. Letting them see their loved ones makes them feel secure and connected. 90% of families with small children use video chat with them, with nearly half doing so at least once a week.


Skype is one of the first video chatting services, and it is still a favorite of many who want to stay in touch with friends and family. Skype has an easy to use interface and allows free video calls to to other Skype users. Skype was once limited to computers, but now they have mobile apps for the most popular platforms. Skype users can also make calls to mobile devices or landlines, however Skype charges for these calls.


Facebook also allows you to make video calls. Their service is actually powered by Skype. To use the Facebook video chat service, you will need to click on a friend in your chat menu. Then you click on the video icon. If you haven’t set up video calling yet, a pop up window will appear asking if you want to set up video calling.

Clicking setup will initiate the download. It varies slightly based on the operating system, but you will generally have to download and run the file. After the set up is complete, Facebook will begin calling your friend. When your friend picks up, you are free to video chat.

Facebook video chat is great for the older generation who isn’t as familiar with technology. Nearly everyone has a Facebook these days, so it makes it much easier to connect with friends and loved ones than trying to explain to your grandmother what Skype or Oovoo are.

Impact of Video Chatting On Military Families

The military has changed its policy, allowing families to communicate on a regular basis through Facebook and Skype. Those who are deployed and their families say that the technology is very beneficial when they are away and after they come home. Especially for families with young children, seeing Mom and Dad on a computer screen lets them keep a relationship with them. When the parent returns home, they aren’t some stranger in a uniform. It also helps wives and husbands keep their connection alive.

One serviceman was quoted as saying “ You could break away from the monotony of everyday stress and feel like you are back home for a bit” His wife said that he was part of their children’s everyday life, which made things much easier when he returned home.

Other Uses

AA and NA Meetings

You can find video chat AA and NA meetings. For recovering addicts, being able to connect with other addicts is essential. However, they may not be able to leave their house because of legal restrictions. They may not have a vehicle or the financial resources to travel to the meetings. Video chatting gives them a safe and convenient way to interact with others that are going through the same things that they are.

Meeting Stars and Heroes

Major League Baseball hosts “chatting cage” events that feature star players in a video chat question and answer session. Many other stars and organizations do this as well. This makes it possible for average people to meet their favorite stars.


Many doctors now do “home visits” via video chat. This can be a lifesaver if you or a family member are really sick with a common illness that is easily diagnosable. No one wants to leave the house when they have the flu or they can’t leave the bathroom. Doctors can do a visit via video chat and then call in prescriptions to your local pharmacy.


We all know video chat has had a big impact on meetings in the business world. However, it is affecting the retail side of things as well. Bridgestone has begun installing kiosks in sporting good stores. This allows golfers to talk with a professional about their ball selection.

The possibilities for video chatting in all of these sectors is just beginning to be tapped into. They are sure to continue to grow and evolve.

Meeting New People

Where video chatting really shines is connecting people who wouldn’t have met otherwise. There are a huge array of websites dedicated to connecting you to new people. One area where video chatting shines is online dating.

Online Dating Via Video Chat

There are now websites dedicated to letting you video chat with potential dates.These sites solve some of the problems found with traditional dating sites like people misrepresenting themselves or seeing them in person and finding out you have no chemistry.


 Flikdate was the first app to do this. While other sites allowed you to view short video clips of potential matches, Flikdate allows you to go on virtual dates via video chat. You sign up with your Facebook account, but it doesn’t allow other users to know who you are unless you choose to do so. Flikdate allows you to chat with someone you are interested in for one “flik” (their currency). If you enjoy chatting, you can spend five fliks and go on a virtual date. This allows you to chat as long as you want, and they will be added to your “datebook”. This lets you chat via text any time you like free of charge. You get a certain amount of fliks each day, or you can purchase 25 fliks for $3.99. When you consider the price of a real life date, this sounds like a great deal. Flikdate also allows you to avoid the problem common to many video chatting sites of users revealing more than you would like to see. If this happens, you can ban them. Flikdate also has a policy of banning those who misbehave from the site entirely. This greatly reduces the chance that you are going to log on to a video chat and receive a peep show.


ViewNMe combines aspects found on traditional dating sites like written profiles and messaging with video chatting. You don’t have to have a webcam to use the site, but you will miss out on some of their best features without one. You have the option to view written profiles and pictures, send messages, and upload profile videos on the site. You also have the option of video speed dating. Speed dating sessions are grouped be either location or shared interests. There are between ten to twelve people in the session. You get 3 minutes to talk to each participant. If you like the other person, you can add them to your favorites, send them a message, or request a one on one video date with them. ViewnMe also has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior. If someone behaves inappropriately, the other party reports them to ViewnMe. The site will review the situation, and if they deem the behavior inappropriate, they will terminate the user’s account. Just like Flikdate, this reduces the chance of you experiencing inappropriate or unwanted behavior on the site. ViewNMe is completely free, so why not try it. is also free. It doesn’t require you to connect to any other site, and it uses facial recognition software to make sure you are who you say you are. You start out on the site answering some very basic questions about who you are and what you are looking for. Not a million questions about your life history like Eharmony. Based on your interests and location, will show you potential matches in picture form. You hit like or dislike. If the other person also chooses like, you will be able to message them on the app. If you like each other, you can then move on to video chatting on the app. This site aims to keep things simple and connect you with real people.

Sites For Chatting

There are many sites dedicated to those simply wanting to chat with others. One type of video chat website are chatroulette type of sites. These sites pair you with a random individual for you to video chat with. Some allow you to filter users by country or interest. Others pair you with someone completely at random. Many of these sites are for adults 18 and over. Some sites try to keep things clean. Others are setup to allow users to reveal anything they want, including their private parts.

Chatrandom allows you to select a specific country or connect with anyone. To move to the next conversation, you simply click next. While it isn’t specifically for showing off private areas, it does seem to occur on a regular basis.

Dirtyroulette is a chatroulette type site specifically for adults looking to have a naked chat. It’s free and the chat is completely random. If you want to take a chance and get some action, you may want to try this site.

Chat Zone is different than other video chat sites. It has video chat rooms where you can chat with multiple people at once. If you don’t have a webcam, you can still chat and view other’s webcams. They also have special areas for teens and kids, further setting them apart from other sites. The teen and kids sections are moderated to make sure there isn’t any inappropriate behavior.

EpikChat is much like Chat Zone, but they do have a bigger room selection. They also have a teen room, gay room, adult room, singles room, and lobby just to name a few. They also allow you to create your own chat room.

Adult Chat Sites

There are many sites where you can find adult material whether your looking for it or not. However, there are also video sites dedicated solely to getting naked.

AdultSpace Chat

This site stands apart from most adult cam sites. It’s like a cross between a cyber sex and a dating site. Members have profiles you can read as well as pics and videos. You can send messages, flirt, or ask them to video chat with you. You can also participate in the video chat rooms. They have a wide array of rooms to suit every interest. You can also create your own room. This site is completely free, unlike many other adult chat sites.


Chaturbate is exactly what it sounds like. A place to chat and watch others masturbate or masturbate yourself. You can access the site and many of the features without paying for anything. The site relies on tipping to pay the models for the live shows. You can also participate in one on one chats or small group chats, but this will cost you “coins”. Coins are Chaturbate currency, which of course cost actual money. The models get a certain percentage of what they make, and Chaturbate gets the rest. This is entrepreneurship at its best. The cam models have very few restrictions on what they are allowed to do. The few rules they have are designed to keep models from violating obscenity laws. If you enjoy watching amatuer porn, you will love Chaturbate. You can also interact with the models and even play games. It’s more than porn. It’s like an interactive adult Youtube site.

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