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Getting in touch with loved ones, friends, strangers, and even your annoying boss is so easy and convenient (or inconvenient, in the case of your annoying boss) through video chat. We’ve been enjoying the convenience of its developments for the last five to ten years, that it became pretty much a part of our lives.

This technology has become so entrenched in our system; It’s a part of our daily life that it, together with our smartphones, social media, and wifi connection, is one of those things that have earned the status of ‘don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone’.

But it hasn’t been always this way. Twenty, thirty, or forty years ago, mankind is happily existing, satisfied with their lives without having to actually see the person they’re talking to on the telephone.

So, how did we get here?

History of Video Chat

Ever since the invention of the telephone and patenting of one Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, people have been enjoying the gift of real-time communication across long distances (okay, there might have been delay especially in the early years).

Human beings, naturally curious and ever-evolving, wanted to enrich our communication means. We can hear their voice… wouldn’t it be amazing if we can see them during the call too? It was a fantastic concept which had its inception around the time the telephone was realized. But it took a couple more decades and another invention before the concept materialized.

Another device that played a key role in the realization of seeing who you’re talking to your telephone is the television. The first successful television transmission was made in 1909.

The early technologies of television and telephone, as well as radio and telegraph, were combined and videotelephony came to fruition. The first tests for videotelephony were made in Germany between 1936 to 1940.

Operating videotelephony was pricey, and unlike telephones and televisions that within a few decades was seen in households, videotelephony was used, for the first few decades, solely by NASA to document space flights. The technology was too costly even for scientific and medical endeavors, or big business.

It took half a century before videotelephony got the traction it needs. As computers were made available commercially and the dawn of the internet came, video-conferencing developed. It was only between the 80s and the 90s when it became practical for business use. Devices such as videophones and video-conferencing systems were made available in the market.

Eventually, by the 2000s it became available for personal use. Webcams are computer attachments that were sold so constant computer users – especially those who chat with people long distance can see whom they are talking to. A few more years and the cameras are integrated internally into the computers.

Mobile phones were then invented and have been constantly evolving alongside wired the telephone. Mobile phones’ capabilities improved from sole voice calls to the addition of SMS messaging, internet capabilities, and a camera, among many others. The inclusion of messaging, internet and camera into the mobile phones likewise enabled it to do video chats.

Types of Communication

Communication happens in various ways, and it takes a combination of these methods to effectively convey what it is that we want others to understand.

  • Written. Through written words. Books, print publication, letters, e-mails, chat.
  • Verbal. Through spoken words. Face-to-face, telephone, radio.
  • Non-verbal. Through movement and other ways we express ourselves – body language, clothes, mannerism, make-up.

When we do instant messaging a.k.a chatting, we’re doing written communication. The thing with written communication is other people aren’t aware of the manner when the words were said.

One notch ahead of that is verbal communication – which we can do via voice calls and chats. This is better since we can hear the inflection and intonation of the speaker’s voice. The same sentence can have different meanings if said in different tones.

Non-verbal cues like body language, hand gestures, facial expressions, and other visual cues make up another level of communication, and this is what we get with video chat.

Why Video Chat?

One way for us to prove that non-verbal communication is superior to other modes is as a sample, an all dressed-up, all made-up woman greets you through her webcam wearing the biggest smile. She just logged in. Hasn’t typed anything on the chatbox. Hasn’t said anything on the microphone. But you can see her face, seemingly happy and looking forward to seeing you. That is the magic of non-verbal cues.

Video chat allows us to see the minutest of mannerisms, reactions, and micro-changes in the facial expressions of the person we’re having a conversation with. These details make all the difference in communicating across long distances.

Video Chat and Relationships

A lot of relationship problems are rooted in miscommunication. Written and verbal communication are straightforward and more often than not, do not need to be decoded. The miscommunication that occurs is highly probably for the non-verbal part. The read between the lines schtick. Non-verbal is the category that can get misread easily if we’re not careful in deciphering these details.

Seeking relationships online has become more and more common. Pretending to be someone else is easy when you do not know personally the other person you’re talking to. Written and verbal communication rarely giveaway lies. It is easy to hide behind words and voice. But put in an element of seeing the person you’re talking to visually and see their ticks, their expressions, it gets a little bit more challenging to just give out lies.

Some lies that often get told between people involved in online relationships include:

  • Their faces. Not everyone is blessed to have the equally bubbly and sexy face of Miranda Kerr, or the suave and boy next door appeal of Chris Pine. So, maybe choosing a face other than yours can be tempting.
  • Their ages. How many stories have we heard of full-grown if not just down-right old men posing to be a 17-year-old boy or someone younger to win the affection of younger women? It goes from creepy to straight-up criminal.
  • Their body. It’s difficult to decide what is worse, lying about your body type to fulfill societal expectations of what’s attractive, or body shaming because another individual’s built isn’t what society perceives as hot.
  • Their locations. While some online communication platform now live-detect its users’ location with GPS and the device’s location services, some apps and websites restrict this. Some people also deliberately do this to trick people into thinking that they are nearer or farther than they actually are. Reasons for doing so may vary.

All these lies can easily be resolved through video chat. Video chat will get you to use your actual face through conversations. No, you can’t hide behind Shutterstock images or D-list celebrities.

Your face, your hair, your lines will give away your true age. Predators who lie about their age and use their younger brother’s, son’s, or worst, grandson’s photos won’t have a place in video chat.

Body-positivity is promoted in video chat by showing the real you. Pretending to be a fit and buff jock during the first encounters only to have the other person realize you’re a little bit chunkier can turn-off the person a lot more than just plain showing them the big, beautiful you. Trust me, plus-sized individuals are a lot more attractive than liars.

Why would anyone lie about their locations? It’s funny how people lie about almost everything online. They may declare they live nearer if they think this will up their chances with the other person. They may declare somewhere else to create a fantasy persona (e.g. a jet-setting businessman, a traveling nomad) and impress people online. They may declare farther so as not to raise suspicions if they’re actually stalking or plotting something sinister to the other person.

Video Chat and Sex

You can count on the human race to sexualize everything. After all, sex is one of humankind’s primal instincts. We were able to utilize the phone for these sexual desires. There is a long history of phone sex that dates as far back as the 1920s for the first documented existence of such.

So, what would stop us to likewise use video chat as a means to the same end? Right, nothing.

Voice and sounds alone can induce different stimuli – this includes sexual stimulation. Phone sex uses voice and tone to entice and arouse the person at the other line – which if we go back to what we’ve talked about in the types of communication – is the verbal type.

Add in an additional visual layer into phone sex and you get video chat sex. Video chat sex is the closest thing to actual sex that you’re gonna get between you and your video chat partner (whether it is your spouse, bf/gf, someone you’re dating online, or a stranger you just met or randomly matched into online).  The only thing missing to make this seem like real sex is the sense of touch (of course, scent and taste are senses that are also utilized during sex).

You can start video chat sex by talking, teasong and coaxing each other through voice or typed words. As with real sex, you start with foreplay. You can slowly undress, removing items of clothing one by one. Actual sex is simulated through masturbation. One of the participants can masturbate in front of the camera, or both can do so at the same time and mutually masturbate.

Video Chat Platforms

There are lots of video chat platforms. The top ones that majority of the population use are listed below. You can use these for just about anything, business, education, personal… and yes, even some video chat striptease.


Skype is the pioneer of video chat that was launched more than a decade ago. It was created back in 2003, when the concept of video chat is still in its infancy stage. Skype was initially developed as a computer program. But with the unstoppable developments in mobile computers and phones, in came the smartphone. Skype also designed apps that work on iOS, Android and Windows phone.

Skype support text chats, voice calls, video chat, and screen sharing. All these services are free – but they allow their subscribers to buy Skype credits which may be used to call landlines and mobile phones. Acquired by Microsoft in 2011, Skype has more than 660 million users worldwide.


Apple boasts of flawless hardware-software integration, their leading edge to any other OS and hardware out there. Thus, they found the need to create a native video chat app, in comes Facetime.

The late Steve Jobs launched Facetime in 2010, alongside iPhone 4 and the 4th generation iPod. Apple users, be it on the Mac or MacBook, iPhone, iPod or iPad can use Facetime to talk to each other.

Google Duo

Google Duo was rolled-out last August 2016 replacing Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts was launched in May 2013 replacing Google Talk (a chat service), Google + Messenger, and the original Google video chat app Hangouts.

With the recurring name change, it seems like Google is struggling in making its users maximize their native video chat application. To aid this, they made all Android phones come with Google Duo pre-installed. They also optimized the app for low bandwidth networks – a constant struggle for users as video chat becomes challenging due to the toll of going on video chat puts on their connectivity.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook made it their mission to be your one-stop shop for all your online needs. Everything is free too with the caveat that their users’ information is the product that they sell.

Facebook Messenger started as a text-type chat platform called Facebook chat in 2008. Just a year after Zuckerberg’s public launch of Facebook, the website. Video chat was then integrated after a few tweaks and developments. Facebook Messenger has 1.2 Billion users as of April 2017.

Sexy Video Chat

If you want to go someplace created solely for some sexy time and chat with hot guys or girls, check out the top video chat websites below:

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