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Vip Singles:
Vipsingles is a matchmaking service with a focus on quality over quantity. Lets first define how a matchmaking service is different from a casual dating service.
With most of the casual dating services you simply sign in and search – you create a profile in the hope of people finding you. You get casual informal dates and it goes from there. A great service for singles looking to search their local area and get lucky.
If you are more serious about the quality and specificity of person you want to spend your life with then an online matchmaking service is what you are after.
The most popular is of course
What VIP singles prides itself on is creating singles into successful couples.
They really focus in on who you are and who you will be best matched too.
VIP singles is not all talk – they have 27 years of experience with relationship experts that have helped thousand of serious singles across America.
They have created long lasting relationships and marriages using a personal approach to matchmaking.
VIP singles is able to leverage the dating industry contacts they have built  in most major American cities.
The truth about VIP singles is that they are not for all folks. Chances are if you are reading this then you will want to get into a serious relationship at some stage. Do not use vip singles if you just want a casual fling. There are many sites for that but vipsingles is not one of them.
So just make sure you heart is where you say it is when signing up. Everyone on vip singles expects that you are there for the right reasons.

So Why Use A Matchmaker?

Because matchmaking is not for everyone it weeds out many users who are not serious
The big one is quality!
Perhaps you have tried casual dating and are ready to move on.Maybe you don’t have much time and need a more personal approach
If spending hours sifting through online dating profiles for quality is not your thing and you are prepared to pay extra for a real dating service that cares
You are only looking for marriage
You have very specific dating needs
Long lasting spiritual companionship
Consider a matchmaking service to be an investment into your future relationship. Who you marry will perhaps have the biggest impact on your life. This very fact is reason enough to invest whatever its takes to find the right person.
Online dating matchmakers work best when you know what you want. Successful people usually do already which means your at the right place!
You simply tell your personal matchmaker who you are looking for and they go out and find you the perfect match within their database based on your preferences.

When Not To Use A Matchmaker

Your overly negative about the outcome before it begins
If you have unrealistic expectations
If you have had a string of unsuccessful dating experiences and don’t think that anything can work. (negative)
Matchmaking isn’t for the pessimistic
If you have a history of mental problems or drug problems

Why Online Matchmaking Is Worth The Price

Above describes the kind of individuals who do not belong at a matchmaking service, but here are a few of the reasons you may want to consider using one.
Pre-screen all “random” singles coming into their dating site on a daily basis to ensure they are who they say they are.
Present you will only relevant desirable singles, saving you time.
Weed out casual seedy daters only looking to take advantage or perform weird sexual fantasies
Focus exclusively on co
mpatibility maximising your chance of finding real true love
Matchmakers do all of the hard work by screening, maintaining and searching for singles just for you. This saves you a ton of time to get on with your busy life not to mention the stress of picking a random scammer.
Finds those diamonds in the rough you wouldn’t be able to find yourself.
Provide expert advice whenever you need it

Only The VIP Treatment For You My Dear™
The one downfall of internet dating is the fact that it’s open to anyone. Yes this is a bit harsh but it’s true. When you are a successful man or women looking for attractive dates online its just not worth you time.
Even if you screen by revenue you just don’t know if these people are who they say they are. Vip singles and eHarmony have such an advantage over casual dating sites because of the quality factor.

Millionaire Wealth Statistics by Country

Look out! The united states and the UK is NOT where all the millionaires are being made today. The biggest increase in millionaires in number is places like China, India and Brazil
The US Germany and the UK still have the MOST millionaires but this is not where the millionaires are being made in the highest number.

Back in 2007 10 million people around the world had a million dollars in financial assets and this number is growing every day.
On average if a man or women really is a millionaire they are are worth on average 4 million dollars in assets.
Millionaire dating is a hot topic these days and women are not so shy about stating their intentions anymore. If they want a man with money they know where to find him.
VIP Singles is a place where the best of the best meet. Unlike places like or sugardaddie vip singles focuses on more than just cash. Yes money is a part of it but vip singles also attracts professional athletes and experts.
Just general well to do persons like yourself. These people are well off but also have a life outside of money. Rather than being bankers or traders that travel to much they also hold down interesting jobs or hobbies. International travel, Sport, Music, Dance, Arts are all common interests of users within vipsingles.


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