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Let’s talk about the Virgo sign.

Virgo Sign

August 23 – September 22

Representative of their symbol, the virgin, those with the Virgo sign exudes an air of innocence in their being. Not to be fooled though, Virgo people are some of the most astute and intelligent types in all the zodiac signs.

An earth sign, they fit between grounded Taurus and ambitious Capricorn. Virgos are loyal, practical, hard working and analytical. They love organization and cleanliness – they fix everything that is within their power. With Mercury as its ruling sign, Virgos have well-developed communication skills despite being on the introverted side.

While they are good listeners, they don’t often voice their opinions despite their stellar writing and speaking skills. These characteristics make them great listeners, counselors, and healers.  This bunch loves healthy food and nature, don’t be shocked if you find one to be an earth goddess of an environmentalist on a vegan, plant-based, whole food diet and staunchly protesting GMOs and animal cruelty.

As a mutable sign, Virgos can be unreliable, unlike its fellow earth signs who are more stable and grounded. Being analytical the may be seen as too critical and even obsessive when they know their claims and convictions are backed up by facts and data, further the more they know, the greater the anxiety that haunts them.

Great listening skills is a good trait, but for the virgin, it can go overboard making them too shy, unable to express their feelings, with tendencies of people not giving them respect or even trampling them, quite unfortunate given their brilliant minds.

They are sensitive and cares deeply, bordering on the feelings of Pisces, but processes these in a more analytical way. This can get problematic in certain areas when not everything felt by the heart can be explained and rationalized by the mind. There is a need for them to accept the reality of their emotionality so they can cope better.

Virgo Sign for Partners

Their caring nature is one of their best traits as a partner. However, it will take time for a Virgo sign to warm up in a relationship. Disinterested in flings, they crave a partnership rooted in deep connection and real love. The quintessential virgin, they will be cautious and shy, not taking risks to get in a relationship. If the potential match cannot respect these boundaries, they would rather be alone than be in an insufferable relationship.

Virgos tend to seek partners with whom they share interests and general disposition with. Thus, it is necessary to have a big heart but an even bigger brain – someone who can get in touch with their soft side and be mushy but is practical, open-minded and non-judgmental. The most compatible matches to people witht he Virgo sign are the ones who will gain their trust, make them feel safe and let their quirks and mushiness unfold.

Of the earth signs, the Virgo sign may not be getting awards on the dependability front – which is quite expected from a mutable sign. They pay attention to the tiniest details and overthink decisions, and yet may miss major details or even change their minds last minute when in a relationship. But smart as they are, they can maneuver themselves out of the chaos, and make the relationship seem ok, or so their partner thinks.

Virgo Men

Virgo men, according to Astrology Zodiac Signs, are the poster boys for anti-machismo.  He can be a neat-freak, and a bit insecure when it comes to his feelings. Dating one might seem like a challenge, one needs to put their best foot forward – to prove yourself worthy of his time and attention. He might seem a bit of a hard-to-get, but once you pierce that exterior, having him as a partner will have you feeling romance and tenderness mixed with a showcase of impressive brilliance you might not be aware possible – and are quite good traits to pass off to your future children.

Nick Jonas, born September 16.

When starting out a relationship, he might seem unsure and double-guessing his next steps traversing ever so slowly, seemingly asking himself a few times over if he’s ready to be in a relationship and is it gonna be worth it – his head and his heart playing a metaphorical tug of war. The same tug of war scenario will be observed on his demeanor when in a relationship. He has deep feelings which he himself will try to downplay by practicing rationality.

He makes sure that the people around him are comfortable, and he will do what it takes to keep happiness in a relationship – part of his healer-fixer nature. Intimacy-wise, he can be a bit shy and needs time to warm up, he’d prefer a partner who will understand the need to slow down and connect deeper instead of immediately engaging in animalistic sex.  A health buff, this guy is the athlete type that can steer their partner towards a better, more vibrant life – that is if their partner is willing – if not, he might seem downright demanding and critical of your life choices.

Virgo Women

The revered and put on a pedestal modest, fragile and pure of heart virgin. She loves being wooed and courted, passively awaiting the potential match’s first move, but don’t make it too grandiose – she likes calm and steady dates more, preferably in clean and hygienic places offering healthier food options.

Beyonce Knowles, born September 4.
Beyonce Knowles, born September 4.

She might be innocent and shy, but she’s no pushover – don’t think of getting lucky and pushing her to give in to your demands as it can easily backfire. She is smart and cunning and will not have any of that aggressive behavior, push your luck and she will withdraw, as far away as she can. Sexually, her innocence prevails – she needs lots of time to be ready to get intimate in a relationship. Once she does share intimacy with another, prepping her for sex will entail long and romantic foreplay.

In a relationship, she is a devoted wife type – a trait notable with earth signs. She is a good homemaker whom you can depend on to cook and prepare nutritious meals and clean the house, but with the smarts, organizational and communication skills to excel in a career of whatever endeavor that pleases her outside domestication.

She likes fixing things especially for her partner – which can make the other party a bit like a baby being spoon fed – which can easily annoy stronger and more ambitious signs, and make the rest grow frustrated.

Virgo Compatibility with Other Signs

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Compatibility of star signs is illustrated in an article at Metaphorical Platypus, where two studies were used to quantify the compatibility between signs. A study by Sachs (1998) and Castille (2000) was conducted in Switzerland and France to review significant results using marriage and divorce statistics as to which astrological signs are most compatible with each other.

Combined with information gathered from iZodiac,, Astrostyle, and Compatible Astrology, listed are the compatibility rankings of the different astrological signs to Virgo.

#1 Virgo – Scorpio

The Virgo sign is a mutable earth sign while Scorpio is a fixed water sign – and for some reason the disparity allows them to somewhat see eye-to-eye. It’s not gonna be smooth sailing from the get-go though, their differences are too apparent. Virgo might find Scorpio stubborn and pushy, while at the other end Scorpio sees Virgo as too timid. But as the relationship goes through time, they will realize how the differences can actually work to their advantage. Scorpio will feel especially needed and strong faced with a shy and cautious partner and will be more than willing to take the lead and hero role of the story.

The bashful virgin will admire the passion, strength and oozing confidence, and would be more than willing to hand the Scorpio the reins in their life together. As a water sign, Scorpio is highly emotional, which will work perfectly with the reserved Virgo who needs time to open up and analyzes its partner’s effort and patience in the relationship. Creating an emotional connection first in a relationship is natural to water signs like Scorpio – and it is this which will earn Virgo’s trust.

Sexually, Scorpio’s  mysterious seduction style is just the thing needed to be able to permeate and uncover the timid virgin’s hidden intimacy and sensuality. Scorpios are also known for intense love-making setting the virgin’s bar high with their lover’s level of passion. They might not always agree on their idea of what a fun activity and values – especially since Scorpios tend to accumulate things of sentimental value – and the Virgo sign just want a clean living space, but the sex and their personalities will be able to work something out of this challenge.

#2 Virgo – Cancer

A combination of a mutable earth sign and a cardinal water sign, the Virgo sign will complement Cancer’s strengths and weaknesses and vice-versa. This results in a harmonious match that makes each other better versions of themselves. Cancer is fairly moody and emotional – the Virgo sign, as a mutable sign, is a bit on the moody side too – but governed by rationality allowing Virgo to understand the Crab, and in the process ground them too.

Virgos are down-to-earth, predictable, organized perfectionists and health nuts who will completely understand the logic behind Cancer’s need for security and stability. Both are hardworking – despite different motivations, they will be on the same plane when it comes to work ethics and spending financially. Both enjoy the comforts of home, despite Virgo’s wanderlust tendencies, Cancer will be given enough space and time to decide if they are willing to join the journey and the change of scenery.

The Virgo sign tends to be shy and timid, but the crab’s authenticity and deep emotions will allow the Virgo sign to unearth their feelings and sense of intimacy. Cancer will understand and accept Virgo’s feelings as crabs practice caution when it comes to letting their guard down too. This will result in a relationship with high trust and very emotionally invested. Homebody crabs will find it helpful that fitness and health-obsessed Virgo will be getting their butts off the couch to do some exercise and prepare wholesome meals instead of oily comfort food.

Challenges loom when Virgo’s rationality butt heads with the Crab’s feelings – however, given both signs’ fluidity and groundedness at the same time – they will find a reasonable compromise without escalating minor disagreements.

#3 Virgo – Taurus

Earth to earth pairings share success due to their solid and grounded nature making them unshakeable. The Virgo sign is a mutable sign who allows for a little bit more spontaneity than Taurus allowing fun into the relationship. Virgos are reliable partners, can be perfectionists and get stressed if things aren’t as flawless as imagined. Thankfully, fixed Taurus takes care of the logistics and execution – making sure the real world basics are met through pragmatism.

The Virgo sign has an amazing intellectual strength that can provide often complacent Taurus bigger visions and goals. Taurus may seem a bit lazy for health-conscious Virgo, but a little nudge and building well-being activities into the daily routine can certainly make Taurus see otherwise. Sex will be interesting for this two as Virgo the Virgin is too shy to show sexuality. Fortunately, Taurus is willing to take the time, gaining trust, slowly unwrapping Virgo’s hidden sensuality and emotions. The Virgo sign will appreciate this patience allowing a realization that sex need not be rough, but can be approached slowly with tenderness.

The virgin can be overly analyzing questioning traditions the bull adheres to, even the materialism and superficiality. But the earth will triumph, grounding both individuals into finding balance and negotiating their way until finally arriving at a win-win compromise.

#4 Virgo – Capricorn

This is a very earthy soulmate-type match-up, with the Virgo sign mutable and Capricorn cardinal. Their earthiness allows them both to give the relationship the same kind energy, rationality, practicality, and calmness. This allows them to nip issues in the bud and mitigate new ones from developing. Trust is highly revered in this coupling, none of them interested in unfaithfulness.

Their unemotionality coupled with their communication skills allows them to slowly get to know each other and build a trusting and loving relationship through time – without smothering or suffocating each other. Equally hardworking, organized, and intelligent, life at home will be quite ideal. Critical Virgo will be impressed with responsible, ambitious, practical and stable Capricorn.

The caveat in this partnership is both aren’t as intense sexually. The Virgo sign is on the shy side, while Capricorn is a bit stiff on the intimacy front. But it is this timidness that that will slowly but surely ignite their interest with each other. Soon as they lightened up with each other, mutable Virgo will trust Capricorn enough and will be more than willing to experiment in the sheets.

#5 Virgo – Virgo

This is a dynamic match-up of two clever individuals – these two will not run out of exciting things to talk about. Their mutable characteristics make the relationship interesting. Their similarities make them understand each other thoroughly and empathize with one another.

They’re up for any activity and experience, with a preference for those considered as smart activities. On the aspect of intimacy, they are both reserved and shy, but being with someone sharing the same traits will make it a little less forced or awkward. They are on the same pace of unleashing their sensuality – if they allow their fun mutable side to take center stage, they will be uncovering a very healthy sex life.

The disadvantage, however, lies in their similarities too. Having two mutable individuals in a relationship can make it feel like a roller coaster ride, none of the parties knowing what to expect out of each other. Perfectionism of both individuals might also create a rift. It entails that both practice communicating effectively to create stability in the relationship.

#6 Virgo – Libra

Libra is an air sign interacting with earth, their energy moves at extremely different speed, one slow and through, one swift. Further, Libra is a cardinal sign relating with the mutable virgin.

Intellectually, these two can create a satisfying bond, with the Virgo sign ready to adapt to Libra’s interests and activities. Libra seeks balance and allows Virgo to be themselves. They both manifest skills in communicating and the ability to make the relationship work.

Challenges present themselves in the area of trust and values. Intimacy might also be somewhat of a struggle as the Virgo sign wants to traverse this front slowly, and Libra – as any air sign would want to do things with speed. The Virgo sign will find lack of connection is this match-up, thus driving dissatisfaction. Virgo the healer will try to find ways to make it work by compromising, but might be taken advantage of Libra.

 #7  Virgo – Leo

Leo and the Virgo sign can make a wonderful couple. This match may even be reminiscent of teen movies where the jock falls in love with a shy but cool and smart outsider girl. Leo will take care of the relatively fragile girl, and it will be uber-romantic. An earth and fire combination, Leo will be providing the excitement, and Virgo will be balancing the relationship.

Trouble looms in a couple of aspects of the relationship. Despite being softer, Virgos are rational and thorough individuals who will not yield even if a lion is pushing their unplanned and impulsive agenda, and does not appreciate the boss-leader complex. The virgin will be critical of the decisions Leo will be making which will irritate the lion. This will be quite problematic too when it comes to money as Virgo is not impressed with the seemingly financial carelessness of big spender Leo. Sex will be a little problematic too, as dominating Leo’s pace may scare sexually-reserved Virgo who prefers to take things a bit slower.

Balance is basically just what the relationship needs to work, but the lion needs to chip in this balancing act by adjusting a bit, and not expect Virgo to be the one bending over backwards all the time.

#8 Virgo – Sagittarius

An earth and fire pair of two mutable signs. These two clever individuals can talk about anything and everything that piques their interest – and this includes holistic health, fitness, and activism. Their attraction, however, may be only surface level.

Sagittarius is outgoing and adventurous, not exactly in congruence with introverted and productive Virgo. Virgo will have issues with the extraversion and the too carefree disposition. On the emotional aspect, these two are more analytical than feeling. Despite this, Virgo needs to feel some sort of emotional security from their partner – something that Sagittarius isn’t so interested in. Sexually, the difference becomes more apparent, Sagittarius may not be able to give or reciprocate the intimacy that the virgin yearns for. Virgo might feel disrespected or unimportant for Libra causing rifts in the relationship.

#9 Virgo – Aquarius

This match can work but might entail lots of effort from both parties to understand where each is coming from. Virgos are practical and are concerned with earthly things – being an earth sign – and very organized and methodical which is one way to tame the wild Aquarius. Despite these, both signs value rationality and communication – which are good tools to work out on differences. They have high trust level for each other driven the fact that neither finds sense in lying.

Sex and intimacy will suffer from their opposing approach in life, though. Aquarius will find Virgos taking too long to decide and staying in the safe zone too much. Virgos will then find Aquarius fast decisions to be a product of lack of concern.

#10 Virgo – Gemini

Gemini is a carefree and confident jokester who may be seen by Virgo, who is a shy virgin with major trust issues, as unreliable. Good thing both signs are mutable and good communicators which enable them to express their point of view, and both value practicality that they don’t get carried away by feelings when stating their cases. Sex can be quite awkward buttressed by the fact that both have a tendency to lack emotionality.

Virgo is an earth sign – characterized by stability and slow but sure processes. Virgo tends to analyze – even overthink – and is quite the perfectionist which can be frustrating for the quick-witted Gemini, Virgo will, on the other hand, find Gemini quite careless. Decision-making can be a struggle once Virgo sees Gemini as hot air with too much talk and less action.

Gemini must adjust to understand Virgo’s need for stability, after all, the real world can’t operate if everything solely is decided on based on whims or moods. Virgo wants security and things to fall into place – which necessitates some level of thoroughness and planning.

#11 Virgo – Aries

An Aries-Virgo pairing can get challenging, but rarely boring. Aries doesn’t want idle time – meanwhile, Virgo wants time to be meaningful. A health buff, Virgo is willing to go with an Aries’ sense of adventure as long as it supports well-being.

Virgo is conservative and shy, after all, they’re virgins of the zodiac signs. This is an exact opposite to Aries’ assertive and big persona. Virgos are perfectionists and don’t like rushing into things – this includes relationships, especially with an impulsive and impatient Aries. But it is these same brute characteristics that will spark Virgo’s interest with Aries. Often viewed as the least sexual of the signs, Virgos prefer a partner who can initiate intimacy – something an Aries can offer.

Their opposite temperaments are might make the match difficult – but the relationship can function quite successfully if the parties learn to play their part well – with Aries initiating plans, coming up with ideas and ways to make things work, and Virgo taking the backstage ensuring the ideas come into fruition through steady groundwork.

 #12 Virgo – Pisces

A love-hate relationship from the get go, frustration and misunderstanding will be a common theme in the length of the relationship. Pisces’ romantic and idealized world view, not caring for tangible things and unbelief in working hard will take its toll as these all are things that Virgos are very highly attached to.

Submissive Pisces might like the dominant tendencies of Virgo in bed, but when manifested in other areas, might be tormenting. Critical Virgos are up their asses striving for perfection, which they often also expect of their Pisces partners. Thus, trust and finances can be the biggest challenge if this match turns into a marriage. Likelihood of success between these astrological signs is not as promising.

Both are holistic healing and health buffs who prioritize their well-being. In effect, the sex will be great – supported by a great attraction and complementary traits that do not allow the match to have instinctive sex, rather, a very thorough, pure and emotional one. The key to longevity is to stay together long enough to realize how they can positively help each other.

* * *

I hope this short guide helps you to filter from the many fishes out there, please remember that astrological signs are merely guides – and not an exact science. Even if your partner or potential is way down in the rankings, there are ways to make a relationship work through compromise and communication.

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