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Sign Up

You can sign up using an existing Facebook login or by doing it the manual, long method — just provide a username, email, password, and your location and gender.

To ensure that you’re a living, breathing human, captcha word or image may also be requested of you. They’ll also present their privacy policy and TOS at this point to ensure you understand what you’re getting yourself into — but honestly, who reads these anyway? Right when you think you’re done, a pop-up appears asking if you want to receive occasional emails. They will also be sending a confirmation email just to be extra sure.

Once done, you’ll find yourself in the search friends page which a bunch of headshots of the people on the network who are within or near your location greeting you. You might be tempted to start clicking each of the faces especially if anyone catches your eye.

Waplog, however, reminds you to complete your profile by providing a profile photo, promising that doing so will make you more popular.


There’s an almost tinder type matching that lets you like profiles, message them and add them as friends. There, however, is no pass/unlike/swipe left option.

There’s the typical messaging, friend request, and favorites feature.

If there’s one part that you need to be wary of though, is to change your birthdate. They don’t ask for your age or birthday during the sign-up, but for some reason, your age gets defaulted to 18. Because of this, your friend selection will end up to be on the younger side – something that can be frustrating if you’re a bit older.


Membership is free. There are no options to upgrade to a premium membership.

Bottom Line

Waplog is a very basic social and/or dating site with basic functions to communicate. There really is nothing really worth noting features-wise but the fact that they are free and they have safeguards to ensure that users aren’t fake profiles or bots make it somewhat worthwhile to check out.

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