Visit | All Reviews goes with the tagline as “The Live Webcam Community”. We have mentioned this site a couple of times before. It was included on our post “best cam site list and reviews” and just recently during our review on adult dating site,

After a few days of testing, reading reviews from other bloggers and looking into published user’s feedback, we ready to give our unbiased review to help everyone decide if is worth their time.


  • Clean design
  • Very easy to navigate
  • Very good search function
  • Low number of live girls at any given time.
  • Very low number of teen models/performers
  • Limited public chat for non paying members
  • Above average per minute/credit cost
  • Ability to get phone alert on favorite models
  • Average video quality

Fluid Look and Design

Design tells a lot what a website is all about and what it has to offer. It affects a lot of things, like presentation, ease of use and navigation, and fast load time. When it comes to the design is good, and navigation is fluid. The left sidebar serves as your navigation menu bar. From this menu bar everything that you want to accomplish is accessible at single click.

When it comes to load time, we had a couple of issues here. Basically we experience longer load time while logging on to the site, and when accessing the models webcam page. We do understand that most website will actually have a few seconds loading time while during log-in sessions. But once you try to open a model’s live webcam page. That is when you experience prominent longer loading time.

Search Function

It’s very important to have a good and working search function for any site. It helps users find what they are looking for at a touch of a button. has a good search feature and it’s a plus.

Basically you can search for models profiles that will match with your search terms or words. Each model has her own page, detailing herself and sexual preference.

More advanced Search Options

Attributes. There is also a good advanced search option which you can use. First choice is to use model’s attributes. This will include video quality. You can pick models that are broadcasting with high-definition camera or those using ordinary web cams.

You also have an option to narrow down your search by limiting results to age range, height, bra size, hair color, smoker or non-smoker, astrological sign, eye color and ethnicity. Including in this options are choices to pull up models according to their sexual preference.

This will include models who are straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and those who likes surprise pick models who prefer not to say it.

Fetishes. Further down the form are more choices to choose from. You can also run a search based on models fetishes. Popular fetishes will include ass play, discipline, role-playing, high heels and many others.

Favorite Sex Positions. Models can also mention their favorite sex positions. Some models like the doggie style, some prefer cowboy, and standing positions. Just tick on any of these positions that turn you on and it will be included on the search.

Kinky Attributes. This will filter models with some special kinky attributes. It will involve models who are shaved, hairy, with tattoos and with piercing.

Spoken Languages. Language is a huge barrier in personalized cam shows. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to. There are models here that can speak multi languages, some can’t speak English. This option will allow you to pull up models according to their spoken languages. ‘

Low Number of Live Girls

If you have seen some of the ads from it claims that they have a large number of models going online every day. It even further claims to have at least 50 models live on every given time.  We have tried testing the site at different time of the day counting the number of live models. So far the highest count we had been 42 live models. And some point it was down to only 23.

These numbers are too low compared to other cam sites like and It also seems that most of the models are from European countries and fewer models are broadcasting from US.

Of course we also see some familiar faces of known cam models here. This is not the place where you can find fresh faces on cam most of the women here are pretty veteran. Most of the girls are live from studios with HD cams with and only few are broadcasting from home.

Low number of teen Models

It seems that teen models are pretty scarce here. We’ve only seen a couple of teen models who were live during our tests. We can’t deny the fact that teen models are pretty popular and in demand on every cam chat sites. Women aging from 18 to 21 are the ones who are always on top favorites.

Using the search function to look up models within the age range of 18 – 20 returned with a very short list. And it seems that most of the models on this category are not here too often. Most of them have been online a few weeks back with very little activity.

Although we found out that there is a large presence of models ranging from ages of 23-27, which is not bad at all.

Limited public chat for non paying members

When you open a model’s public chat page, you will see a message that says.

Members with credits will get more attention from the model and be noticed. Buy credits once to become a premium member for life.

That should tell you right away that you have to spend some money to get her attention and talk to her. After about 10 seconds of viewing public chat page you will get a pop-up message saying, that you have a limited chat time and that you have to upgrade or buy credits. You can click no thanks and you will be back to her page but now her cam is frozen.

You can choose to view another model’s cam but the same thing will happen. It also seems that models are able to tell if you’re a paying member or not. Some of the girls would just kick us out of their chat room for no apparent reason, except our being a free member.

Cost Structure

In order to view featured shows, cam shows, 1-on-1 chat with models, and private shows you will need to buy credits and or tickets.

For featured shows you can buy one ticket for $8.95. If you have signed up under free ticket promo offer, your account will show that you have one free ticket. But then you won’t be able to use that unless you initiate a purchase. It will only activate if you buy a membership, credits, or another ticket in which case you will have two tickets for the price of one!

It’s good that let users choose between buying a monthly subscription and buying credits only.

Here are the three membership packages from Each of these packages will include 3 featured tickets every month. These are renewable every month unless canceled.

  • Platinum Membership – $39.95 with 45 credits.
  • Gold Membership – $29.95 with 30 credits.
  • Silver Membership – $24.95 with only 25 credits.

A user has also a choice to buy credits only with no membership included. Each credit cost $1, and can buy credits in $10. $20, $40, and $60 denominations.

Note that models will have varying per minute charge.  Some models will charge $1.99 -3.99 per minute. This should give you an idea how much budget you want to set aside if you’re planning to have some naughty time on cam.

Model Phone Alert

Not all models are online all the time. You can set phone alerts so you will get notified once your favorite model is online. This can be set by visiting a model’s profile page.


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