WEIRD VIDEO COURSE – The Psychology Of Attraction

Got an email from this guy Shafin de Zane recently… we have got to know each other fairly over the past couple of weeks and well… this is going to sound weird but he has basically come out of nowhere to shock the dating advice crowd with this weird little video course.
He has told me that he’s got hours of cutting edge stuff that he is going to be releasing of the next couple of days. These videos are a good 40 minutes long on the The Psychology Of Attraction.
There has been a ton of hype about it on ole facebook (apparently)
You can see the video here. No need to do anything special, just go here and it’ll start up: (for the fans)
But it get’s stranger – my mate shafino (famous author) is planning to release a free video in around 4 days about some crazy remote monastery in NEPAL… I asked him what the hell he was talking about and why my readers would want to know anything about Nepal.
He blabbered on about his journey and how it changed his thinking… I switched off until he started getting into evolutionary psychology and emotional hardwiring + the 5 essential mindsets that we are hardwired to feel attracted to…
Turns out this crazy traveler has a few tricks up his sleeve. He is actually also a famous hypnotherapist!
So he leaked the video early to me (the one coming in a few days) and I was pretty impressed. I mean I have studied alot on the psychology of attraction but this guy is a genius.
He seems to really get as a result of some amazing life experiences… Nepal being one of many. He shares this with you in his videos so stay tuned and check out the first video  below

PS: There’s nothing for sale at this site right now. All you have to do is go there and enjoy the first part of this amazing course. And if you wish, sign up to get all 4 parts of this very unusual course.

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