WellHello.com Review

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WellHello.com Review

WellHello.com is a very new paid social adult dating site with great potential.

WellHello.com – for meeting singles, swingers and for sex dating

Yet another adult dating site is available for those looking for casual hookups and for those who engage in swinging. The WellHello model operates somewhat on anonymity as it allows its users not to divulge information that quickly to whomever they meet online.

On the site, users can opt to go the ancient courting process route with messaging another person until they truly feel comfortable to mention the words “Do you think we should meet?”

At First Glance

Using the site is pretty straightforward as it isn’t that much loaded with extras. Once your browser loads the homepage, you’re greeted by a login/sign up box. The signup information you need is not that numerous as well. You have to list down whether you’re male, female or a couple; as well as your email address, password, and age. That’s it and you now have free access to the site.

Also, you can choose to log in to the site using your Facebook account. This option is when you don’t want to keep around lots of passwords of the many online dating sites you’re on. Although WellHello promises that nothing will be posted on your wall, you can use the traditional method of signing up just to be sure.

The background of the signup/ login box is tiled pictures of what looks like members of the site. When you hover your mouse over them, they display a name as well as the age of the person supposedly in the picture. Now, when this kind of feature is implemented, you’d expect it to be linked to their profile, right? But that is not the case with WellHello and it does demerit the site a little bit because why would you deny a sneak peak to someone, right?


Facebook Log In

A lot of sites implement social log in because, for one, it does make the process of getting into a site a whole lot easier. Just think about it, you no longer have to create a password for every site that you use, but all you have to do instead is click on a button that asks for your Facebook login details. Of course, if you’re already logged in to Facebook and click on the log in button, then you get automatically connected.

Quick Search

You have to put the right options into dropboxes for Distance from me, gender and age from. From there, you will be presented with a list of profiles that match your search query. The only problem with this is that you have to become a registered member if you really want to view the profile of the person whose picture you clicked on.


There’s nothing much to be said about the credibility of the site because there isn’t much to go on either. Although the website does look decent enough, it doesn’t provide that much information to vouch for its credibility.

That said, proceed with caution when using this site. It’s just that when something is too good to be true, it normally is. So, always be wary when you want to give this site a try.


WellHello com does have a Privacy Info page but nothing else.


The site has a Contact Us page along with a few frequently asked questions. There is a ticketing system in the Contact Us page in case you want to report an issue or something. The problem is, you want to know specific details – like a physical address or email address for that matter – but none of those are present on the site.

The Verdict

It’s hard to tell if WellHello is pretty serious about this whole online dating business. Because as of now, they look to just be noise in the background. So, if you do want to give this site a shot, proceed with caution.


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