What are women looking for in a guy?


Let’s take a look at what women are really looking for in a guy… This way you can focus on manifesting those traits in your life and attract amazing women into your life rather than chasing with nothing to give.
The trouble is that most men chase…
They think because they have read a few books or learnt a few lines about cocky comedy they have it down.
Their success (and perhaps yours) is only short lived because you lack the traits that women find desirable… We are talking about real abilities here – no cut corners or quick fixes.
So let’s get right into it and find out what women want but more importantly how YOU can start to develop the personality traits and abilities that women are magnetically drawn to..

I like a man who knows where he is going in life

Now what does this mean?
Typically it’s referring to money: Let’s not beat around the bush – money is darn attractive, by now you should know this.
But there is much more to this phrase than just financial stability –
Do you have goals and aspirations to better yourself?
Do you let circumstance push you around?
Do you have clear written goals?
Do you stand up for what you believe in?
Women love a man who can protect her and her future children… If you can protect you attraction levels go way down…
In a relationship would the women take the reins and lead or would you?
If you know what you want and have the confidence to go out and get it know matter what women will be calling you left right and centre because you obviously know where your going in life and they most likely don’t.
People (including most women) need something to follow. Can you be that guy for them?

A man who knows how to look after and treat his lady right without being possessive

Someone pretty chilled out who can have a laugh

Life is about laughter with friends amongst other things – if you cant shake off the seriousness of work and have a laugh about your own personality and others your missing the boat.
Some are naturally funny but everyone has their own unique form of comedy that is magnetic…
By practicing the art of zen dating advice you can take hold of the real you and allow the natural wit to emerge unhindered.

Ambition – I cant stand laziness

Someone who can teach me things and show me things I haven’t seen before.

Women want adventure!

I want someone who is real, can be himself and be a best friend

Dating is about sexual intimacy but also about commitment and companionship…
NEWSFLASH… you look like an idiot.
Women are VERY intuitive and can pick FAKE out in split seconds. You come across forced and weird and they leave thinking… what a dick
Not only do women want an amazing protector but also a relaxed friend that they can share their biggest secrets with.
DON’T be
Or needy
Christ be anything other than those things!