What Attracts Women: Women Value Connection

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A lot of guys are quite happy and secure with only having a few good friends because men don’t need the outside support of others as much as women do. They tend to not value a lot of friends as a benefit quite like women do. That’s not to say men don’t still need to support just that men deal with problems internally using great problem solving skills. Women externalise problems with other women.
One of those things women value about themselves is the number of loving relationships they have with others. Men almost rank themselves in self worth by certain monetary and power factors however women work much differently, women are wired for connection. So by showing that you too are connected and relate to your friends well you will be seen in a better light by most women.
A man that is not well connected on the other hand are seen as less attractive despite them being a potentially good match. So if you find that the only friends that you do have are your work mates this may be a reason why women tend to push you away. Find and making friends is not easy for a lot of people because they only get along with a certain type of person.

Getting More Friends

Laying blame on others for your lack of friends will not get you too where you want to go. You have to learn to get along with people so looking inwards for answers to why you are do not have many friends is a good start. Things to ponder are: What types of behaviours do you think push people away? Do you have any annoying qualities?
Whats unique about you that would benefit others when they become friends with you? What can you offer them? What makes you a good friend and if you think you currently would not be a great friend, what can you do to get better. What type of activities do you enjoy that you and your friends can do? , which also helps in where to meet new friends. EG sports teams and clubs

People value attributes such as:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Hard Work
  • Humour

If you new friend cannot trust you to turn up to an arrangement then you may need to work on this in the future.
Once you feel as though you are part of a great group of friends women will naturally be attracted to you through this group as they will have great female contacts and parties for you to go to.
Remember women value communication and connection in themselves which translates over to what they love in men however women also value independence and security from men so make sure you do not lose sight of this in your search for connection. The last thing a women wants is a connected wuss that can’t provide for her.

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