What Do Women Want? Confidence And Curiosity


I must say this first: Every women is different and what they want will be dependent on social conditioning age personality and location…
But there are some personality traits that are hard to ignore. When someone really respects and loves themselves it’s infectious. Their personality exudes a love and respect for others. They make friends easily and have no trouble attracting women because of this. Working on your “inner game”  may be an overused term but there are still many guys out their that have no clue what it really means.
Watch this video from Mathew Hussey on conversation skills… What’s interesting are the comments from the video.
this is what the girls are saying
God…I wish I? was one of you girl friends….you would be such a good person to call straight away if I’m having a dilemma.
fabulousme123 10 months ago 57
Amazing advice! Matt? you’re great

I would love to be your girlfriend. lmfao?
partyitupx 11 hours ago
:3 I like? watching your videos.

i? want a guy just like you
Now wouldn’t you just love women to say things like that about you?
Notice how he is not some jersey shore muscle bags guy. He is a well spoken honest and confident guy that clearly understands women.


  • Interesting
  • charming
  • intriguing
  • Fun
  • Entertaining
  • Dominant
  • Confident
  • Funny

But the most important of them all is…


You have to be a little mysterious… I am not talking about doing magic tricks at the bar. It’s your personality that needs to be a little edgy.
If your life is so transparent that a women could guess what the relationship would be like with you – you lose her curiosity. Her life is already boring! She is looking for a guy to come in and make it amazing. She wants you to introduce fresh experiences and opportunities.  If you lay it all out on the line it’s to easy… the excitement is lost
You can enhance curiosity and mystery by:
Bending the truth a little – have fun with your occupation and leisure activities. Rather than being a banker be an offshore hedge fund manager for the night… Rather than suggesting that you have never traveled talk about the trip around the world that you have planned next year.
What You Wear – Necklaces rings interesting coats and hats add much needed conversation starters. A special example would be an important tattoo that you got while living with a tribe in Africa.


3 layers of confidence
top (surface level confidence e.g. appearance)
middle (lifestyle and life that you love)
top and middle levels can come and go!
bottom (core) – most important core level… love yourself


Bobby Rio and Mathew Hussy – how to build inner game

Bobby Rio/ Mathew Hussy – How to build inner game .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Video on layers of confidence

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