What Mature Daters Can Learn From Teens

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What mature daters can learn from teens
If you are 50+ and beyond and are interested in attracting a partner to share your life with, you can learn from the younger generation.
As you get older the passion and electric chemistry of your youth tends to dwindle. Heres what the younger generation are doing to attract a date and how you can rekindle the love and passion in a relationship.

Mature Dating: Flirting

You might still have some finely tuned tricks that worked 10 years ago but in general you need to brush up on your flirting skills.
Mature dating requires a more refined and straightforward style of flirting rather than the classic hair toss moves of the youth. If you are used to fitting in and staying under the radar now is the time to be more outgoing in your dating approach.
Talk to new people and join knew groups and clubs. Even though the years have taught you well and you know what you want – life can always surprise you with a brand new hobby.

Mature Dating: Stop Worrying

Mature daters have a tendency to assess situations and worry about the outcome of their first dates. This is understandable if you have not dated in years but you can actively put the situation in perspective.
Remember to remind yourself that the worst case scenario is never that bad and that the date will go fine.
Just “chill” like the teens are doing… Everything will be ok so just take every day as it comes. Your next date will be wonderful and if they are not you can easily just set up another date for next weekend.

Mature Dating: Be Positive

What gets me every time about the older generation is there negativity.
Many mature daters are negative and cynical about the outcome.
Young daters are clearly happy bubbly and smiling during most dates as they are positive about the possibilities.

Mature Dating: Intimacy

Whether this be kissing, taking a romantic bath together or even a walk, keep working on the intimacy.
Relationships that have turned into stale friendships are no good and mature relationships often lead down this road.
Teen dating is full of chemistry and lots of kissing. Try to emulate this and bring back the love by kissing and touching more.

Mature Dating: Presents And Love Letters

It’s the thought that counts and teen daters understand this by sending their loved ones written notes and letters. If you can’t remember when you last wrote a loved letter now is the time to get started.
Feel like a child again and start getting your dreams goals and emotions on paper. It doesn’t have to sound amazing, just as long as it’s handwritten and from the heart. Be expressive and generous in your descriptions of love.
Watch young singles interact with each other and notice how they smile kiss and touch each other. Bring back love into your life by taking some cheek tips from the younger generation for a change.

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