What To Say To A Women : Storytelling

This is something many guys have to work on – for the select few it comes natural… you know those dudes in high school who were always really loud mouth show offs? I’m guessing if your reading this your not one of those. Those guys get laid based purely on a numbers game basis. They talk obnoxiously to so many women in a week, one of them is bound to put out…
Storytelling is a crucial part of seduction and dating especially during the initial phase of attraction.
With story telling to a group you display status and have the chance to make people laugh. You also have the chance to slip in DHV’s to impress the women your attempting to attract. These high value demonstrations need to be artfully inserted within a good story otherwise they just make you look stupid.
For example your shouldn’t force them to believe your rich by explicity telling them but you should let them assume you are with a story about travel.
That way even if your not you can still get away with the wealth status quality. With in style clothes and stories about world travel (which could have happened years ago) you pull off the indended persona.
So story telling can be structured in a certain way: It usually starts with some sort of hook or bait.
Let’s you have a great story about what you did in the weekend. You would mention something to do with the weekend…
Have you ever been to Italy?
I had such a crazy weekend…
She will be prompted to encourage that interesting line for more information. Of course you actually had to have travelled to Italy for it work.
If your tired because of your crazy night last night then use it as the hook to go into the story about how you and a group of friends hired a limo in Vegas etc.
The DHV (demonstration of higher value) here is of course that you are in las vegas in a limo with friends which has attached status and wealth elements.
The main difference between good story telling and bad story telling is not in the content but in the delivery. You go an watch the comic for his personality and energy… not what he is saying. But there is one point to make on content. As a guy you will feel more connected to tangible facts and information.
A women is more interested in how the situation made her feel. So rather than stating what the limo cost and what streets you rode down and the air temperature and humidity!
Talk about how much energy and excitement there was. Talk about the atmosphere… take her on a ride of emotions through the night that you personally felt. Perhaps you won and lost a bunch of money on the roulette table or had a hangover part 1 experience where you all woke up in a random place.
her: Hey…
you: hey… sorry I’m still recovering from last weekend… It was crazy.
her: oh really? what happened?
you: I took my friends on a trip to vegas and it was trip I’ll never forget.
(the DHV here is that you lead a group of guys to vegas) (either continue with story or let her input more information and ask you to continue)
We got a limo to take us on a cruse around the city. I cant remember much after 2am but up until that point I just remember winning and losing a bunch of money at the casinos… I was amazingly nervous when my buddy dared me to double up everything I had won on red. I felt an odd sense of fate…
Like it was the right thing to do. Like our destiny was already sealed. I confidently placed 6K on red knowing that there was no way I could lose.
(pause … she will prompt you for an answer)
I won…
I had never won that much before in my life and it was the best feeling ever.
I’m going back sometime, not to gamble but just to have fun you know? You guys should come….
Anyway I’ve got to get back to my friends… catch up later.
her: she cant say anything as you have gone but you have left something very valuable in her head.
Who is this guy? He was interested in me and he just left. She now has someone to chase and attract… someone with social value and someone that likes to have fun.

Storytelling Notes

Make sure you embed information that subtly increases your value such as the limo or the high rolling casino play. It HAS TO BE SUBTLE!
If you are in the comfort phase make sure that you give her a chance to input value herself.
EG in the above story you could ask her if she has been to las vegas or what she got up to into he weekend.

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