What Will Tinder Be Like In 100 Years?

It wont exist – businesses rise and fall and it’s happening faster and faster.

But if it did exist, what would it look like? It’s impossible to imagine with technology growing exponentially there will be technology you and I only dream of… or perhaps could never dream of.

Do you think anyone would have predicted google and facebook in your pocket 100 years ago?

The only thing I can think of is some kind of virtual reality or computer chip placed in your brain or bloodstream that grabs all of your data and cross references it with everyone elses data.

The data would include your entire genetic code and the matching system would likley use some incredible machine learning algorithm to match you based on everything it knows about your behavior and genetics.

So manually swiping right and left would be laughable when your auto matched to someone that has a 99% chance of being an incredible life partner 30% chance of x and 5% chance of y etc. You may even be able to communicate with this match and anyone else that is connected to this system through thoughts rather than verbal communication.

What do you think?


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