What Women Really Want But Are To Afraid Tell You

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Ever wondered what women REALLY want from you and the relationship? If it’s not sex then what do they get  out of it? Heres how to show them you care!
Apart from most guys having no clue what women really want both out of you and the relationship as a whole it’s also nice to know what you’re doing right and what you can improve on. What women want has been the topic of many a magazine and even Hollywood movies.
Whether it be your girlfriend wife mother or child this stuff spans across age groups because it is the fundamental nature of women we are looking at here. What women want requires and understanding of the basic human needs. But there are specific emotional need that women really want to receive that are not intuitive to most men.

1) Women Want To Be Heard

Listen up guys: Women want to be heard, all you really need to do is listen ACTIVELY which doesn’t mean staring at the TV and saying “yes, aha, ok”.
Men communicate in such a way that often frustrates women. You want to get to the point in a conversation and find out if you are of any problem solving use.
You might here yourself thinking Whats the point? or Get to the point! and interrupt her to speed things along so that you can come up with a solution to whatever she was trying to say.
All women really want from the conversation is for you to listen. For them, it’s not about the solution or the point in fact it’s not really about anything. They are talking aloud and the conversation with you is about connection and bonding. So allow them to speak and enjoy the experience.
It’s very logical to provide a solution to your womens problems… you want them to be happy and by coming up with the answer you have solved whatever problem was on her mind right?
Yes but for women that’s not really the point. Women want to be connected to you and one of the ways they are able to do that is through conversation. If you jump to the point every time YES you are solving the problem and YES it makes you feel good but you are STARVING them of emotional connection and just the enjoyment of talking.

2) Women Want to Be Taken Seriously

Dont ever pat your women on the head condescendingly! Women want to know that you respect their opinion and that they are an important member of the “tribe” or family. They are not some thing on your shoulder, of course there opinions matter to your otherwise you wouldn’t admire and love them so much so make sure they know that you take them seriously. I don’t know why you wouldn’t take them seriously but just make sure you don’t come across not caring.
Perhaps she would love a go at fixing the light bulb or building whatever you are building… Yes you might be able to do it better but she might also have some great insights on what you could do better too!

3) Women Want to Be Important To You

I know these are all down the same line about just being more aware of their existence but I hope your getting the general picture. Women want to feel like you have considered their feelings, likes and dislikes before you plan that night out or trip away.
Let’s say you have organised a surprise trip away, but it’s actually a hunting trip with the boys and she was an after thought. Does she even like hunting? If she was really important to you perhaps you would go on the hunting trip and then plan a separate night out or romantic spa vacation just for her.
She doesn’t expect to be the priority in everything you do just to be important enough to warrant a second thought before you plan that third boys night out in a row. The more important you make her feel on a day to day basis the more she will reciprocate.

4) Women Want to Be Adored

She wants you to have a massive crush on her even if you have been going out for years. She wants you to protect and care for her and to be o so grateful that she is in your life. To adore a women is to see no other. When extremely hot women walk past do you stare at them? Women are very aware of your behaviour around other women. They want to be the only women in your life.
Make them feel special by giving them your adoration. Undivided devotion while also being an independent man is an extremely attractive trait… do you have it?

5) Women Want Appreciation

Think of all of those wonderful things she does that go unnoticed by YOU. Do you think you could throw in a thank you darling in without to much trouble? How about a Thankyou darling i really appreciate everything you do for me?
Letting your women know that you appreciate them is more than a pat on the back and it’s more than great sex. It’s really telling her from the heart that what she does on a day to day basis means something to you. Just one little comment is often all they need to validate the effort they put in.
But try to do or say something everyday that lets them know they are special… If you find communicating your feelings and emotions hard there are other options. It could be doing the dishes , “taking out the trash” doing the laundry or whatever they might do. Do this unasked and with no expectation of a thankyou.
Women are really amazing creatures once you understand their intentions and motivations. Once there needs are met to some degree all they really want is for you to be happy and they will strive to do what it takes to make you happy. However if you misinterpret what they are really trying to achieve you end up hurting there feelings and nobody wins.

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