What Women Want In Bed But Are Too Afraid To Ask


Heres what women want in bed but are to afraid to ask…

An Orgasm Before Sex Please

If you do nothing else but this you will be doing ten times better than you were previously.
Not only will it make her day it will make the sex MUCH better for the both of you.
She will be much more interested in giving back to you what you gave. The chances of her having and orgasm during sex increase due to increase responsiveness to touch and stimulation.

Erogenous Touch

Do you grab for the big 3?
Rather than going straight to the good bits why not tease her and stimulate the 16 OTHER parts of her body that turn her on. Paying special attention to the upper back, neck, inner thighs, lips etc will turn her on and make the sex amazing.

Last longer than 5 Minutes

Every women is different and if your great with oral sex she will be ok if you can only last a few minute but you should work on lasting longer when it counts. Lasting longer when it counts means when she is really enjoying it (and you usually are to) you don’t come straight away.
You are able to hold that enjoyment for long periods of time. Whether it comes with time or practice is up to the individual but understand that the longer you can keep up the good stretches of sex the better.
Stretches of 30 minutes to and hour long are not uncommon among guys who can control themselves. Just change positions and take rests when you think you cant hold it any longer.
She will love the anticipation and crave you if you hold back a little of yourself. You will fin certain positions are tough to hold for very long. Experiment and find what works for the two of you.

Tease and Withdraw

Instead of diving in and giving her everything you have got for a few minutes why not tease her and get her coming for you. Most men do the least amount possible to get to the point of sex which is missing the point.
Bring her close to orgasm without intercourse and then pull away for awhile. She could get a little frustrated which is great. You want her to be sexually charged and ready for you.
There are times and places for quickies and they are great but when you have the time to tease… you should. Use your warm breath and touch all over her body before going anywhere near goal.
Gradually escalate the tension… it makes sense that you should have to work for an enjoyable experience rather than bashing straight in and it being over too soon.

Oral Sex

Women want MUCH more oral sex. They could feel a little shy and embarrassed about asking you to stick your head down there but they want it. It’s amazing how few men really give oral sex on a regular basis. It’s preferred by most women over finger stimulation so why not use it before intercourse.
Good oral sex is the best and fastest way to great intercourse with women. It’s also one of the easiest ways to bring her to orgasm.

Use Your Words

Don’t be afraid to speak up and let her know that she is rocking your world. Women love to know that what their doing is working and sex is largely about feedback. If you’re a deaf mute in the sack it’s time to change that.
You don’t need to be screaming or talking dirty and weird. Just say what comes naturally to you so that you don’t weird her out by going over the top.

Eye Contact

Eyes are the window to the soul
Doggy style is great fun be very impersonal. If you overuse it you can run the risk of becoming distanced.
Some guys feel comfortable saying they love a women during the ecstasy of sexual intimacy but what they really want is for you to look her in the eyes and tell her you love her.
Extended eye contact heightens intimacy and the feeling of closeness.
Do you tend to turn off the lights during sex? Men are very visual creatures – light a few candles or dim the lights.

After Sex

Women hate it when you leave straight after sex but they ADORE you when you tell them how amazing they are shortly after intimacy.
Women want to know that you are going to hang around after the act. They want to know that you still love them after the sexual fun has abated.
Leaving shortly after sex is a symbol of abandonment to women so make sure you give her some quality time when she needs it most. A women is also very open and even vulnerable straight after sex – use this time to deepen the spiritual bond.

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