What YOU Really Want Is…

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So what do you really want?
I had a look at the 43 things (http://www.43things.com) website zeitgeist and found some not so interesting data:
To confirm what I and what most other people already know is YOU want to satisfy as best you can the basic human needs. As we live in a society where food and shelter usually is not a problem we move on to more pressing matters. That of the heart! Now this is where things start to get a little more complicated!

You want more experience and heightened positive human emotion

According to 43things love and happiness are high on the 2011 goal list. Not surprising as almost every single song and movie produced has some sort of emotional love twist.
More experience means;
I want to learn to play the guitar , or learn to cook, or travel etc etc… I want to get out of this dead end job which is sucking the majority of my time leaving me with a few hours in the weekend where I’m barley able to drown my sorrows until Monday rolls around.
http://www.43things.com/things/view/33/fall-in-love (4th all time most popular goal)
http://www.43things.com/things/view/210/be-happy (5th all time most popular goal)
http://www.43things.com/things/view/3091/make-new-friends (16th most popular goal)
Other hot topics in the heads of the majority of the US population:
More confidence
More friends
The ability to be more of YOU (zenhabits.net)
Cut out all the crap and organise your life (eliminate procrastination)
So you want many things for 2011:
Those who are still single REALLY want to find love and understanding. It’s almost as if all of the other goals (lose weight, make money, learn guitar) are just attempts to be express yourself to the world in order to be more understood and appreciated for who you are. Money gives you power, admiration and respect. Losing weight gives you more attention and self esteem.
You have the right to be heard in this new year but achieving these goals will only happen if you really want them. This means you take action every day (even if it’s a little thing) toward the achievement of that goal (losing weight). Your new actions need to become part of your routine!
What if your only goal for 2011 is to find love?
How do you go out every day and take some sort of action towards finding “the one“?
Well I would be the first to admit that finding love is a little more abstract than making your first million. But the same tactics and goal setting can be used.
What are you looking for? You should at least have a vague idea of the kind of women/man you want to fall in love with. If you can roughly categorize them you can move forward and start to figure out where they might spend most of their time.
It always comes back to relationships and connection at that deep emotional level that rarely occurs between two people. Between mother and child, within healthy families, between lifelong friends and between (some) married couples.
When you say, I WANT LOVE you are not alone – remember everyone wants the same things! The reason I know and can say that is because I know that we are all running off the same engine… (EMOTIONS)
You can find love in the oddest places… The best type of love comes unexpectedly, a work colleague, a single parent, a surprise encounter. Or though I don’t believe in the common use of the word “fate”, there is usually a path to happiness and fulfillment which  you either choose to face or ignore.

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