What you should have learnt from Prince Charming

Men often miss the point – you forget who you are dealing with altogether.
You allow societal flaws, technology and your own dick to cloud your thinking.
Think about who you are talking to… That little fairytale princess storyline where shy get’s whisked away by a prince charming still exists in every women.
She secretly wants you to be that prince – a prince knows what he wants and how to get it. But he is also charming… suggesting that you want to grab her ass while stumbling over yourself is NOT charming.
The prince knows how to get it done when the pressure is on. He knows how to slay the dragon and save the princess. He saves her from a life of misery and loneliness and brings her to his castle full of food protection and love.
Let me ask you a question… if you call yourself an eligible bachelor… if you call yourself grown up enough to warrant an attractive women…
Where is your castle?
What protection and love do you offer?
Asking yourself the hard questions should bring about honest answers – you may not like the reality that you have no castle and are more lonely than you have ever been but in truth lies salvation.
Approval seeking and feeling as if you have to prove yourself with words are not the traits of prince charming.
He already knows he is worthy and goes about getting what is rightfully his because he knows he has earnt it.
So next time you question why women are not taking notice of you… why you have nobody to love, ask yourself what you have to offer. By taking responsibility for your love life you will be motivated to change for the better.
You might be thinking this is bullshit! – nice guys ALWAYS lose in the end right…?
Yeh I have heard that too and I think its correct in some respects but needs further definition. Price charming always wins because he is both the nice guy and the alpha male who can slay dragons. He must be a real badass if he can travel miles to fight a dragon and win right?
What guys get confused with is they think they have to be either the nice guy or the bad guy… Either treat her like shit or be the nice guy and not stand up for yourself because your to emotional.
It’s perfectly OK to be both – in fact you should strive to be both.
The emotionally stable athletic prince charming. Not to hard right? Well the reality is that doing all of this can be tricky – especially for guys who have no clue where to start.


– Comment on her hair clothes and personality
A women will be flattered if you authentically notice the effort she put into her appearance. Turn the conversation topics toward her interests.
– Know What You Want
Confidence and Dominance when used in the artful manner with which it was intended is sure to flatter any fine maiden.

Do Not

– Flirt by commenting on her tits… “nice tits” isn’t going to get it done mate.

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