Where And How To Approach Women – A Users Guide

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You will find in almost all pick up artist training modules, certain steps starting from the approach to the number.
You will also find that there are many different view points on the matter and there is no one system fits all…
Why? Because we are dealing with human emotions as well as a huge variety between ages and personalities.

PUA (Pick up artist) Explained

This whole pick up artist scene may come across a bit weird to some who don’t understand it… When you are married or in a relationship you give absolutely everything to this ONE women and trust each other 100%.
When you are single you date whoever you want whenever you want because YOU are in control.
These approach techniques work if you are in a relationship or not, if you have been married for years or just been dumped by your ex and looking to get lucky.

Where To Meet Women – Definition

First we must define WHO it is we are after. If we do not know the women we want to seduce how are we going to know where she is or what we should say?
If you want a part animal – go to a down rave club
If you want the sporty chick – go to the gym or join a multisex sports tesm
If you want that spiritual touch – mediation class
In too nerdy or geeky types? – join an engineering or computer science society or even a nerdy social media site geekfling.com
You get what I mean though right, you first define who you want before you even begin the approach.
If you are intent on being in the same place as a lot of arrogant single chicks and lame horny dues be sure to check out bars and night clubs 😉

Right now we know what we want…

(you are already ahead of the pack… feel good)?
You are now in a high probability of success area due to your goals aligning with the environment.

Virtual Approach Practice

If, like THOUSANDS of other guys you are petrified of cold approaching hot single women then don’t shoot yourself in the foot and try it without first practicing.
Problem with just plunging in with no arsenal is that chances are you WILL make a fool of youself and your self esteem will get lower than it already is in regards to how to approach women.
A great place to get to know and practice chatting with girls is ONLINE. For a simple monthly membership you are able to chat 24/7 with girls and find out what they are really after.
You will find that women really are not too much different than guys and they are NOT THAT SCARY. The best thing to find out is that they have insecurities too.
So you are not alone when it comes to begin scared about dating and approaching.
Back to the where to find these women – think if I were an attractive women with personality x, where would I be?
Most likely at work or with friend/shopping. Try a few different places such as coffee shops, airports, dance class, health food stores, malls etc
Get to the big cities if you are not already in one. It is exponentially harder to meet an attractive women the smaller the town gets. (But hey, who am I to judge, beauty is in the eye of the beholder right)
But yeah get to a big city near you too attract hot women, they are after handsome rich men which also reside in big cities.
The great thing about approaching women in normal places such as a coffee shop is that women love even fanaticise about this idea of accidental romance. Night in shining armour shit you know?
No distractions and no pressure due to the surroundings, as a result the guard is down and you are all set to seduce.

How To Approach Women

There are sooo many cheesy pickup lines out there so from now on forget them all. Remember the women wants this to be unplanned so ensure that it sounds as such.
The best out of hours and hours of male approach seem to be when you ask their opinion about a scenario or oddity in the environment you are in. Pick out any gender differences (in a gym) and ask her about it…
If you are going to use the compliment cold pick up line approach, remember it is more about HOW you say it than what you actually say. This might seem weird buts its all about being genuine so body language and pausing for effect before you launch in to how hot she is works great.
If you can stay away from the compliment based approach unless you are alone. Stick with casual, and if you can, stimulate some sexual tension with prolonged eye contact and cocky comedy. You will know if she is into you when you are talking when she blushes, smiles, giggles or shows any obvious body language such as the hair toss over the shoulder or lip bite.

Dating Approach Anxiety

This is HUGE, and I think almost every person guy and girl have it…
Approaching someone you don’t know in an attempt to establish a meaningful conversation can be tough and is an ART.
All I can say is stick with it and DONT GIVE UP until you have mastered it.
IMPORTANT: If you want to become a MASTER of
approaching women and starting conversations, then
you need to go and check THIS out right now:


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