Where To Find And Date Professional Women

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Whatever your motivation for dating professional educated often attractive women is there are several steps you can take to improve your chances.
Let’s start with where to find professional women. These ladies are not going to be hanging around the bus stop so you shouldn’t either!

Where To Find Professional Women

Professionals seem to be drawn to art museums’ art galleries and places of beauty. If you can’t stand art or just think you would stand out like tits on a bull at an art museum don’t go! There are plenty more places to meet professionals.
Major bookstores are teeming with educated forward thinking women. Language business and travel sections are good places to start.
University libraries are often the source of the professional women so it might pay to go to the source and see what you find. If university students are in your age bracket then all the better, but there also post graduate and college lecturers about the place.
Business Conventions:
Business get-togethers are great locations for female professionals. Depending on your city these can get huge and there new ones popping up all over the place.
Fashion shows:
Professional women are drawn to fashion. Hit up the big fashion events and shows in your area. You might need to travel to a big city for the event but it will be worth it. There are a ton of single professional women at these shows.
There will be certain areas in your town that are known for their affluence. Frequent the coffee shops and boutiques, professional women love to parade around looking at clothes and shoes on their day off.
So you have taken the first big step and are now in an environment where affluent professional women are. You clearly have a ton of motivation and really want to make a big first impression on this women. The problem you have is this whole situation is unnatural which makes your situation even tougher.
It’s unnatural because you are not there by chance but actually travelled there specifically to find women. What will help this whole process a ton is to seem as natural as possible. Don’t hover around in the lobby staring at women hoping to get their attention! Professional women are not your average type so don’t go trying ANY pick up lines or look like your trying to impress.
You are merely there out of mutual interest! This will be the only way you will be able to establish enough natural trust to take it any further.
No Pick Up Lines
The location you choose makes a huge difference when trying to attract professional women. Whatever you say needs to be believable and actually meaningful both to her and the conversation. Which means no pre recorded messages or stories unless you think they will come off sincere. As a result you will need to come up with conversation on the fly.
Mutual Interest
The best way to move things on from first contact to first date is to have something in common. It’s best if it does not sound like a first date but rather an interesting event that you happen to both be going to. Say you choose the races. Affluent women often get dressed up and go to horse racing events as a social occasion. You could mention other events in the area that you are attending and if she would like to meet you there.
If you already have your eye on someone then find out her name by approaching other men in the room and enquiring about her. The more you know about her the easier it will be to impress her and make the right moves. Invite her somewhere that you know she already loves to visit.
date professional womenBe Interesting
Small talk will bore a professional women, you have to come up with something intriguing and interesting. You have to stand out from the crowd and show a real interest and knowledge about her field of work. If she is a scientist and you have absolutely no knowledge on the subject at least read up on the latest headlines from the new scientist so that you have some content to refer to. Don’t act like you know what you’re talking about if you don’t just mention that you were reading the new scientist and a certain article interested you. This alone should spark an interest in you and get her talking.
Take Your Time
Don’t expect to be able to ask a professional women (or man for that matter) out at your first second or even third meeting. Allow some time for pleasantries and trust building before you try anything crazy. You will know by just talking to her if there will be a chance to take things further.
It’s crucial that you dress to suit the occasion. If you look completely out of place it will be tough to come across authentic.

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