Where To Find Sex: For The Weary Traveler


Written by Ray: the weary traveler
So I was sitting in a train station one day waiting to get on and I was wondering if there was an easier way to find people locally. I travel a lot and one can get pretty lonely going from one place to the next and never seeing anyone I know apart from work colleagues…
If I could easily find local singles that were keen to catch up for a few nights during my stay in the city it sure would liven up the travel.
So I looked through the local papers and went to the odd local meet-up during my time in one of the states but it just wasn’t what I was looking for.
I realised that finding local sex quickly and easily was going to be harder than I thought. Not only did I only have a few days to a week max in each city I didn’t really know exactly what I was looking for.
I didn’t have any “game” as they say… I didn’t fancy my chances of meeting and seducing women during the day or even during a drunken night out.
What I was really looking for was a single women that was keen to invite me round for a quiet night in… If anything sexual happened from their then I was open to it and I wanted her to be too.
However at the time I figured that all of this meant that my chances were very slim of ever finding sex that quickly. Surely women wouldn’t want to invite some random guy round to their house that they have never met with the intention of sexual intimacy.
It turns out I was wrong – at least on the sex. When I did meet women it was organised for the local bar so that if we didn’t get on or like each other in the flesh then there was no harm done… made sense.
But I’m getting ahead of myself – I ended up searching online for places that you could meet up with women.
What I should have been searching for was online sites that offered this very thing – I stumbled upon sites like fling I soon realised that I had been wasting my time worrying about where to find women to catch up with.
So the question of where to find sex had been answered… Now to the fun part…
I was amazed at how easy and effortlessly you could register search and flirt with thousands of women in any location you wanted.
This meant that no matter where I was or what I was doing I could chat with girls online that wanted to meet up with me.
This was quite the revelation at the time. I had a laptop and was browsing from a train going toward a rather large US state so I thought why not set my location to that state and city and then search for users near me!
When I did I received a bunch of new women – this was getting exiting.
Turns out their were to many to choose from so I picked the best of the bunch from those that suited my age group and personality and emailed them quick hello + my plans for the week.
I had an iphone and realised that I could also use that to chat to women on the go…
This was starting to get a little devious. My initial plan to simply catch up with women in the city I was travelling to had escalated to video face to face erotic chat on the run via my iphone
I’m telling you all of this NOT to brag but just to let you know that a random single travelling businessman was able to get a ton… and I mean a TON of phone numbers… via an online dating site. Better yet was the reality of the situation I was in.
I was single and in an amazing vibrant new town with time and money on my hands PLUS single (and married) women emailing and calling me.
It all seemed to good to be true and some of it was… The odd women just didn’t show or was not who I thought she was but a couple of others were absolutely amazing. Real honest smart and positive women who were keen to spend the night with me.
So I guess this is simply a message to all of those weary travellers like me that need a little comfort in their lives…
Perhaps you are a truck driver or maybe a salesman, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you have the ability to find friendly like minded people very easily now.
You have no excuse to be lonely during your travels! It’s all about the people that fill your life with joy – I found a way during my travels to fill mine with women open about sexual relationships…

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