Why 99.9% of all Relationship Conflict Can Be Solved

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The reason why relationships are often rich in argument and low in sexual tension after the honeymoon period is often due to the perception differences that exist between males and females. The fact that we are wired differently means relationships become argumentative or worse not as rich and meaningful as they could be.
Become Aware Of Male And Female Relationship Perceptions
By better understanding the drivers of the genders you will better understand why your partner is acting the way they are. If women feel a lack of harmony in their relationships it is tough for them to concentrate and feel good about how their life is going.
The opposite is true for men, if work is going great and their accomplishment in the world is therefore high their life and hence relationship will be on a high. The flipside is if a man has a bad day at work it can often be taken out on the family.
The tough thing when it comes to understanding what men are doing and why they are not giving as much to the relationship as you are is because they have been programmed to provide. They are subconsciously showing their love to you by providing for you and the family by going to work often even “staying late”.
The problem is women interpret this as the man being not interested in putting effort into this relationship.
When the argument comes up about why he is never at home the man might get frustrated that his hard work for the family is not being recognised. High communication is required therefore to ensure that this value system and perceptions are understood.
An understanding of where each partner is coming from and why they are doing what they are doing is vital. Unfortunately couples are not great at communicating
Or we frame others actions how we would expect them to be done from our reference point rather than understanding or asking why this action was done in the first place.
If we look at the success drivers more carefully we will see that men are driven to hold status In society often related to financial gain or positions of power.
Women or though still driven by financial gain to some degree are more focused on love family and relationships.
A better understanding of why your partner does what they do will uncover some interesting insights into what drives them. Perhaps the actions and behaviours of you mate are really symbols of the love and protection they have for you rather than annoying personality traits or nags.
Dig deeper into why your girlfriend boyfriend husband or wife act the way they do.
This awareness of human emotion and drivers couples with communication heals 99.9% of relationship conflict.

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