Why Approaching Attractive Women Is Hard

Why Approaching Attractive Women Is Hard
I loved the movie “40 year old virgin” and or though I hate the term “pussy-on-a-pedestal” I think it holds some value…
Attractive women can be tough to approach at the best of times right? Just picture a sweaty loud bar scene with a drop dead gorgeous women lined up to get a drink. Of course she has at least 3 reasonable looking guys trying to strike up conversation with her as well.
Now picture trying to even get the attention of that attractive woman while outcompeting those pro’s at their own game.
Tough right?
How about we add some emotional hot sauce to the scene:
Now picture you “put the pussy on a pedestal”… yeah gimmie a second to explain
Picture that not only do you have to strike up an interesting conversation with attractive women but you also think she is a god and deserves to be prayed to like allah. You think she is so far out of your league that the mere thought of approaching her gives you goose bumps, a beating heart and sweaty palms.
Christ this situation is not looking good!
The problem with putting “pussy on a pedestal” is that you don’t even give yourself a chance.
You need to see reality for what it is… Here are the facts:
You have never spoken to this women before
She doesn’t know you exist (and probably never will)
She’s probably not that intelligent (gross generalisation)
She will have some insecurities like everyone else
She is not a god by any stretch of the imagination
Your thinking is a bit deluded.
So now you know the facts… Where to from here?
Well for starters you need to sort out this whole pedestal thing and what you think of it. There is no question that attractive people get treated better/higher paying jobs etc.
Do you think that attractive women deserve to be treated any different from anyone else?
One thing is for certain: This thing in your head that links attractive women with godliness is not helping you. She will love the attention and respect that you are able to give her as result. BUT this will not help you as far as attracting her in any sexual way.
You almost need to be thinking the opposite and be completely dominant over her. The only way you can do this is to remove this god image.
This does not mean eliminating female respect!
But eliminating the superficial image of her being dominant over you just because she is more attractive.
You need to believe that you can provide value to her life – your either smart, funny, witty athletic…
Yes attractive women have looks but there is so much more to just beauty. Bring her back down to earth (in your mind) and you will have much more confidence when trying to approach her.

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