Why Are You Single? Perhaps It’s The Pink Ribbon Effect!

Why Are You Single? Perhaps It’s The Pink Ribbon Effect!
Jimmie: I have been single for 14 months now, even though I have joined dating sites and gone out to clubs and bars… I have even joined a few groups in the hope of meeting and getting a girlfriend. Nothing seems to be working and I am wondering if it’s just me or… I don’t know anymore, I’m just confused, what do I need to do to get a girlfriend?
If you are using online dating there are certain things you could be doing in your dating profile that are pushing people away.
You might be too picky when comes down to making that final decision.
There could be something glaringly off putting in your dating profile picture.
You could have major personal issues which are stopping you from getting that girl.
Or it could the pink ribbon effect…
Unlikely Problem 1: Resolved
Let’s start with your online dating profile picture. Most sites require you to have an online dating picture due to the dramatic decrease in response without it. Have a look at your current picture and honestly decide if it’s your profile picture or lack of that’s halting your dating success.
It’s unlikely this is the only problem, or problem at all. If you look like an axe murderer then it’s time to clean up your act and take a picture with you smiling and doing something fun. Repost your picture and your response will increase.
Other reasons why your online dating experience has come up dry are:
Way to negative both in your profile description and your speech and messaging.
To sexual
Self deprecating (don’t like yourself and let others know it)
You might be to picky when it comes to who you accept as a potential date.
Rather than checking off a pre made checklist how about searching for the following:
Within 10-20 km of my area
Doesn’t have any major red flag issues (for safety)
If you have to, within your ethnicity
Then add one more personal dislike that you just cannot stand in a person.
Once you have filtered your singles down you then decide to accept all dating invitations for a week and see where it gets you.
Change Dating Site:
If your banging your head against the wall and not getting anywhere with a certain dating site just change. eHarmony major in connecting life partners. If your not into marriage yet you might be in the wrong place. Find out which dating site is for you to maximise your success. Or though a free dating site is not recommended it could work (okcupid,plentyoffish)
Lavalife or one of the people meet networks could work well depending on your age and niche requirements. You will find if you love a certain hobby there will be a dating site for it. Try going niche, you might find your eccentric match!
Online dating might not be for you…
If you have been getting shot down time and time again in bars and clubs it could be time for some training. Perhaps you’re to scared to even approach the opposite sex… If thats the case you shouldn’t be disappointed your still single because you havn’t given yourself the chance!
There is a ton of dating advice out there for men and women
Day time dating
Double your dating
David Wygant
Search amazon for dating tips.
Maybe you need to make the tough decision that your just not great at dating and need help in this area.
This is an honourable and wise decision and afterwards you will be in the position to move forward.
Learning the art of pickup is not supposed to be a negative gesture towards women. You are not trying to play them or win them over but rather increase your self confidence with women to the point where you can approach them and win every time.
All the while you become a more confident and successful man.
So if your still single and you have ruled out that it’s not:
Your online dating efforts
Your offline dating game
It might just be the pink ribbon effect
This is the phrase created to explain the mysterious goings on inside a woman’s head. If you have ruled out everything else and the only reason you can come up with as to why your still single is… womens issues.
Then it’s the pink ribbon effect at play
You may not understand how the women’s mind works
You might be missing every sexual que she is emitting
The pink ribbon effect is elusive and hard to spot. Most guys have no clue it exists.
If your still single and there is no logical reason as to why then you need to understand this pink ribbon effect.
To be continued…

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