Why Choose OKCupid?

So what the heck is okcupid.com anyways?
Ok cupid is a dating site
Ok cupid is a 100% FREE dating site
Ok cupid is a dating service
Ok cupid is a place where people get together and chat about hobbies
Ok cupid is a place where you can discover more about yourself by completing one of MANY quizzes and tests
Ok cupid is a place to find friends
Ok cupid is a company created by geeks for everyone to use and benefit from
Ok cupid is life! … ok I got carried away there
Okcupid.com is different from sites like plenty of fish and you will notice the difference as soon as you enter the site.
“The Google of online dating” — The Boston Globe
Ok cupid is a robust and well meaning free dating site that gives you the power to match yourself and express yourself through testing and quizzing. If you are not honest the system does not work but hey if you’re not honest in a relationship that doesn’t work either and if your here to find a relationship or at least like minded singles then you better be telling the truth.
Based some tricky statistics okcupid guarantees that it will display singles that are matched to you IF the information you give it is correct and accurately represents you.
They don’t claim to be perfect and the truth is dating and emotions related to relationships are a tough thing to tackle with coding and mathematics. But okcupid do a great job and simply claim to be statistically significant. Meaning if you do enough quizzes it will be able to find someone for you better than anyone else.
Yeh fair enough… and you don’t have to! Just write a detailed profile and start searching. The tests and quizzes are simply there to provide extra information and description about you. You will soon find that they are fun and addictive… it’s fun to discover knew things about yourself!
eHarmony is the leading expert in matchmaking and tests but okcupid believes that the tests are overly subjective.

Okcupid.com is a fun project put together by a bunch of mathematicians that
has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. They aim to be the best matching system online and because they are free it really ads to the appeal. If they can overtake eHarmony on the psychology side of things they might just be able to do it.
Is okcupid really free? Or do I have to upgrade at some time or will you offer me a feature listing?
OKCupid is 100% free – you wont find a dating site that is “free’er”
How is your dating site different than others and why shouldn’t I just stick to plentyoffish or paid?
Okcupid is the google of free dating: there is real genius behind what you see on the surface
They don’t advertise much
Super easy signup and search
Amazing personality and hobby tests to express yourself
Cool simple interface
Find out how other users on okcupid did in their tests to get a real understanding of your matches rather than guessing.
Smart code: Like I said these guys are mathematicians and coders so you wont have to crop images or have any trouble logging in.
If you have a question you would like to be asked you can suggest it and it might just be the next personality test. This makes okcupid a real community with community input.
Constant updates and improvements
Active intelligent and vibrant community
Good ratings by various online rating sites. (4/5)
Okcupid is not some big company that is out to get your money, they are a group of guys and girls that want to help you and in the meantime make the best online matchmaking system ever!

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