Why Confidence In Yourself Is The Key To Dating Success

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Confidence with women is your key to dating success
It’s easy to say that all you need to succeed with women is confidence but unfortunately confidence is tough to just pluck out of thin air.
Real confidence cannot be bought at any price

Real confidence is EARNT

Therefore you need to earn the right to be successful with women…
You can fake it a little bit but do you really want to be another lame college dude? That’s why they come across like they do… They have not earnt respect and confidence and try to fake and cheat the system.
To REALLY be successful with women and dating:
You need to build confidence in yourself by:
Staying true to yourself and what you have said you are going to do
Following through with tasks and being reliable
Being really good at something (respect from peers)
Being positive
Talking regularly with friends
According to http://www.wikihow.com/Build-Self-Confidence you can also:
Recognize what you are ashamed of: write down anything that makes you feel unworthy… acne friends looks knowledge money
Understand that building confidence is a process and attracting women by building confidence will not happen overnight.
Accept past failures and move on: Often when you spend time in the past you simply make things worse. Dwelling on past failures is time badly spent as long as it’s to accept that failure and learn from it. If you got rejected from a women in the past (ALL GUYS HAVE), you are NOT alone. Other men have moved on… Are you still dwelling on this issue?
It is useful to know that even the most confident people have insecurities – often thinking about your them makes you “insecure about your insecurities”
Life will always have ups and downs – learn to live with and through theses highs and lows with a smile.
The best way to build confidence is to find out what you are good at or would like to get better at. This should be something you enjoy doing so spending an hour on it every day will make you great at it in no time. You will gain confidence in your
ability via acknowledgement from friends and peers.
This could be work sport or intellectually based
Be thankful – gratitude combats insecurity
Positivity – It’s tough to be positive if you are smoking a pack a day and drinking just as much. If you eat well and exercise regularly you will be amazed at the change in your confidence and attitude.
These are just a few ways to become a more attractive confident person. However you choose to see the world is your right but there are tested methods of growing your personal worth and living a more satisfying fulfilling life.
Your confidence will be the pillar of your success with women so make sure you work on it every day. It will add so much to the rest of your life too 🙂

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