Why Have Casual Sex?

What does casual sex mean to you?

Casual sex basically boils down to a sexual activity that is not romantic – it means that there will never be any boyfriend girlfriend thing going on, at least not in the short term!
Emotional connection is very important in a relationship right? In fact it’s what we are all after – it’s a huge requirement in everyone’s life…
Casual sex looks to dissect emotional from physical so that sex can just be a sexual satisfaction.
This allows the parties involved to seek out many different partners and perform many different sexual acts seeking more and more pleasure.
It’s that emotional connection that ties a relationship together and this is what’s lacking in a casual sex relationship and so there is not that binding force… it means that sexual partners can come in and out of your life without hurting you as in a normal breakup.


Some agree with it… others don’t – because we live in an open society everyone is free to have their own opinion and act on that opinion.
Some find that casual sex helps them find their sexuality. Most of the casual friend finder community seem to be open to bisexuality.
Women by the thousands are noting down that they are open to a bisexual fling.

For some casual sex is just a way to spice up an ordinary or boring life. A life of work sleep work can be spiced up with work (sex/sleep) work and the partners can be switched up whenever YOU choose with no consequence.
It’s fun to have new and interesting people in your life say’s Sarah of San Francisco… “I never knew that I was open to sex with girls as well as guys until I tried casual dating”…
Familiarity of sexual partners can take the joy out of the sexual act itself but this is not a bad thing as it places more importance on the emotional and spiritual source of pleasure that comes with making love.
What you have to understand about casual sex is that some people are able to remove the emotional side of sex and just treat it for what it is.
There is an ever increasing number of people that are able to do this… mix that with the increasing ease with which singles can get into contact with each other and you get naughty times 24/7 in your area.
The more money, time and freedom people have the more they become open to experiencing the joys of life.
Some go bike riding others swim or play video games… But what does one do on a Friday night when their at home with nothing to do but watch the latest Hugh Jackman film? I wouldn’t wish this on anyone by the way
Toys can only do so much – when your buddies are out with their girlfriends it motivates you to find someone special of your own.


The joy of casual sex is often tied into a sense of adventure:
This new women in your bed has a completely different personality than you are used to… her body is different, she smells different she sounds different and she reacts differently to you…
This adds so much more to the whole experience – plus the like hood of ever seeing her again is slim…
This means you can really let go and enjoy the new freedom of sexual exploration.
She has the experience to show you many things and she may even take control and satisfy you in ways you have never dreamt of. It’s actually more likely that she has never experienced a really good night of sex… You can give her something special…

Emotional Casual Sex

Does adding that spiritual and emotional dimension to casual sex make it dangerous?
This depends if you believe that you wont be able to let her go if you get attached… and/or if you think that getting attached is a bad thing to begin with.
What’s so bad about falling for this women anyway?
YES you can fall for your fuck buddy or casual sex partner
NO this is not a bad thing – in fact it’s quite natural
You can also have an amazing night full of deep emotional conversation and then drop them off and never see them again – or catch up with them in a months time.
It’s really up to you and what you want from the experience. She might just want to be nailed in the back of a pick up by some massive dude. If your after these sort of chicks then fling is full of em…
What you really want is someone that is open to casual dating but also open to something more if you find that you really get on.
These women can be found everywhere – you would be surprised at the number of women that ARE in fact open to casual sex as long as they are respected.
It’s just a matter of allowing them time to get to know and trust you enough to let you into their life.
Using natural game and day game are great ways to find normal women that have good potential for long term relationships.
Or you could just use a short cut and get straight to the casual sex using an online “sex finder”

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