Why it’s better to pay for quality sex dating sites that look for free alternatives. 

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Time is money – $1 US is not that much /day to spend on your sex dating experience – with adult friend finder thats about how much you pay per month ($30US) and for that you have access to a pretty large member site with full access to chat and talk to who you want.

If you want to go the free route and not pay a single cent you will have to spend a bit of time finding a suitable free sex dating site which there are not to many great alternatives. You are in cattle class with the rest of the guys with hands on dicks looking for the same thing you are which puts you at a pretty big advantage.

POF.COM is not a sex dating site – most women online at pof are looking for friends or serious relationships. So the best option you have if you want to go with free dating is to look for serious relationships and message as many girls as you can organise as many dates as you can and the likelihood is pretty good that sex will occur after the first few dates even with serious relationship seekers.

Unethical? Yeah somewhat… because you were never really looking for serious relationships while she was… You put down that you were looking for serious relationships and you wasted her time. You got the free casual sex you wanted and left her feeling used.

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of girls on pof tinder and badoo that say they want dating but are just looking for hookups as well so in reality it’s a pretty great place to find sex friends but you have to be respectful of those that are in it for the long haul.

Do it if you want but I would suggest that being honest about your intentions from the start is a better option – bite the bullet get an adult friend finder account and fulfill that freaky skinny japanese anal or MILF fantasy that you have.

Because within AFF there are no limits and everything is out in the open as far as what everyone is looking for. No fucking around in AFF, everyone is on the same page and that means no broken hearts at the end of a short term relationship that started and ended with a lie.

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