Why Lust Fails And Seduction Wins

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It’s no surprise to any of you that there is a very strong motivational force present within all of use to reproduce. In fact arguably almost everything you do is driven by your motivation to increase your survival and reproductive fitness.
Men driven to make money to buy fast cars and increase status
Women driven to earn to provide a safe living space for her children
Makeup and shiny earrings are all worn for a very good reason
I am suggesting that you should never apologise for your strong will to mate and reproduce. Most guys are way to apologetic. Women are supposed to be the apologetic ones. Guys get shit done and are not afraid to voice their own opinion.
Don’t be afraid to let your sexual energy be present in life! And don’t apologise to women for wanting a sexual connection. It’s OK to ask for a sexual relationship with no strings attached. If you just want casual sex then go out and get it!
There is one huge difference between men who are successful in dating and those that fail every time, especially when it comes to sexual expression.
Realise that your ability to convey emotion and energy through your body language is crucial to your success with women.
Start to notice which guys are successful in bars and which are not. It becomes VERY obvious after a while.
The guy that is not successful will not only be withdrawn and lacking in confidence but he will also be utilising his sexual energy poorly. What does this mean?
Let me explain
We all have this constant sexual energy which we can choose to use for pleasure purposes. When you come across as SEEDY and CREEPY to women it means that you are gaining sexual pleasure from her, you are taking her energy and not giving anything back. You are basically being selfish in the interaction.
I am going to use extremes to magnify the point here – even if you don’t do this there will be a part of you that comes across seedy because you are trying to get something for nothing from the emotional response.
Picture a seedy nerdy guy that is staring at the rack of a gorgeous women…
He is hoping to interact with this women but is not prepared to open up and talk to her. Basically what is happening is he is gaining sexual pleasure from this women. Even though he doesn’t mean to this guy is subconsciously emitting wanting and needing emotions.
This is the WORST signal to display to any girl… especially on your first interaction!
Think about it – women are looking for the complete OPPOSITE from this seedy guy. They are looking for a stable man that they can TAKE from. If you can learn to transition from the taking mindset to the giving mindset emotionally you are on the right track.
So on one hand you want to be unapologetic about wanting sex and on the other hand you have to come across almost stoic in your need for her body. It’s unintuitive at first because your brain is crying out to you to jump her bones and get this over and done with.
You are unapologetic for a very good reason! You are worthy of her… You have earnt the right to be desirable. You are not in that needy wanting mindset of getting something without giving back.
Because that weird feeling that a girl get’s when you lust after her is present because she feels like she is being used!
LUST is a powerful male emotion that you should tap into!
But it has to be transmuted and transferred to seduction in order to be effective in today’s society.
A young attractive women will get hit on EVERYWHERE she goes. Whether it be an ass stare a boob stare or a straight direct approach. She is used to being contacted by guys that are LUSTING after her rather than presenting something that is of value first.
Are you still lusting? It’s easy and natural to sink straight to the raw emotions but they get you knowhere!
What you must learn to do is convert this energy into a useable and effective form. Think about how Prince Charming might approach a women and compare that with how you are gawking at an ass from across the room. What are you afraid of? If you don’t believe that she will be interested in being with you what is she supposed to think?
Important Tip:
Women think of YOU what YOU think of yourself!
So in order to increase your chances you HAVE to believe that you are worthy of her respect and admiration.
You have to believe that it would be HER LOSS to not be with you tonight.
Flip the scales and using techniques like negging and DHV’s you can lower her value and increase yours. Attractive women will always attempt to test you and lower your value before they make a decision on your worthiness.

So to LUST or to SEDUCE?
I hope you realise now that there is and never will be a comparison. Attractive women take much seducing before they will agree to even a simple phone number exchange.
You must demonstrate to her that you are a worthy and confident male that is not swayed by “bitch tests” whereby they attempt to lower your value and increase their own. It’s understandable – women don’t want to later find out that you are weak willed and wussy and just put on a great show for a night to bad them. They will test your character so be prepared for it.

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