Why Personality Quirks Are Attractive

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It’s actually pretty spot on: Girls you don’t have to be perfect for guys to be really into you. It’s often the little funny things that you do that make the difference.
The article mentions that it’s the little quirks that make people loveable and I couldn’t agree more. Most women seem to be conforming to media representations of beauty and it sure is a safe bet if you don’t know any other direction to head in as far as looks but guys want to see those quirks to.
Don’t lose your individuality and personalised humour – it’s what makes you different. The insecurities you may have about your quirks and flaws are usually what holds you back in the first date. This is understandable – first dates are more like formal business meetings than real emotional experiences.
The two of you are to scared to reveal your real self so you put on a fake persona and continue on with the 20 questions game that is the first meeting. There is that natural apprehension of course but do your best to ease up and be yourself.
Do you like to buy a new dress or piece of clothing every week? Maybe your head is suggesting that you should hold this back at the risk of sounding high maintenance.
Mabye she will think you are a player if you suggest that you go out partying 4 times a week.
Or if you mention that you love to cook and have nights in with a cup of hot chocolate and a movie you will be considered a wuss…
In the end why lie?
Your differences and preferences are YOURS to keep and without them you wouldn’t be you. If the relationship is going to move forward you must expose your true self early on.
First date manners and courtesies YES
Faking or holding back your real personality? NO

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